View Full Version : Sold Microstar (MSI) BXMaster MS-6163 Slot1

23rd November 2018, 00:46
Hello Everyone,

Today I have for sale one of the best Slot 1 motherboard - mighty BXMaster from Microstar ;)
Board is 100% stable, and have few interesting features:
- jumperless configuration,
- in BIOS overclocking,
- monitoring of voltages and fan speeds,
- 1x AGP, 6x PCI, 1x ISA Slot,
- 4x SDRAM slots what makes possible 1GB RAM
- onboard ATA66 controller (Promise)
- onboard 4 diagnostic leds (POST)

It supports all Covington/Mendocino/Deschutes/Katmai/Coppermine processors (native SLOT1 and through PPGA/FC-PGA slotkets).

https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z1044/10441376/small/1.jpg (https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/10441376/1) https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z1044/10441376/small/2.jpg (https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/10441376/2) https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z1044/10441376/small/3.jpg (https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/10441376/3) https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z1044/10441376/small/4.jpg (https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/10441376/4) https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z1044/10441376/small/5.jpg (https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/10441376/5) https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z1044/10441376/small/6.jpg (https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/10441376/6) https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/z1044/10441376/small/7.jpg (https://www.galerieallegro.pl/zdjecia/Galeria/10441376/7)

I'm asking 30 eur 25 eur 20 eur for board and 10 eur for shipping.

26th November 2018, 21:34
Price drop. Now 25 eur + shipping.

15th December 2018, 15:10
Price drop. Now 20 eur + shipping.

16th December 2018, 14:53
Price drop. Now 20 eur + shipping.

Declaring interest pending questions. PM sent.

17th December 2018, 09:19
Price drop. Now 20 eur + shipping.

Declaring interest pending questions. PM sent.

Payment sent.

18th December 2018, 12:25
Package sent.

21st January 2019, 10:09
And arrived - thanks!

Feedback left.