View Full Version : Closed A36x0 040 25Mhz For A3000D/T or A4000D/T

27th November 2018, 15:55
I have for sale an A36x0 with a XC68040RC33M processor runing at 25Mhz, I will not add cooling, so weight will be saved here. It's well soldered and clean.
This was tested on an A3000D with scsi HDD, no problems or flaws were found. Board is working perfectly.
I will ask for this 320€ 250€ with postage included in EU plus paypal fees. Since I cannot escape paypal fees, I would prefer IBAN transfer.
I will pack it well.
Thks for watching!


29th November 2018, 13:51
Price drop, was 320€ now 250€, same terms.

30th November 2018, 15:09
Sold Locally