View Full Version : Sold Indivision AGA MKII A4000D / CD32 boxed "new"

27th November 2018, 18:37
I've for sale this Indivision:

Indivision AGA MKII A4000D / CD32 , boxed, "new"

Bought new and never used, this was from the very first preordered batch made in 2012, intended for a project that never came to fruition and then stored on its box, comes with DVI port, ribbon cable, ground cable plus its screws and mounting instructions, as a bonus I'll include a CNC cut steel plate to mount the DVI port on to the A4000D's rear expansion port (You'll need to source a couple of small screws, nuts and washers to hold it on the A4000's case).

Price: 170

Shipping included to the EU (Registered postage), Paypal fees not included. (payment as gift, please).



27th November 2018, 19:21

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27th November 2018, 19:57
PM replied with details.

27th November 2018, 20:06
Payment made.

Many thanks

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27th November 2018, 20:31
Money received, many thanks, as said in PM will send it tomorrow afternoon.

28th November 2018, 18:04
Item sent, PM will follow.

5th December 2018, 17:44
Item received!.. well packed looks great - not had a chance to fully test yet but I'm sure its fine :) cheers!

5th December 2018, 19:12
Nice!, I was a bit worried since tracking seemed stuck at some point since saturday but sure it had some update problems.

Enjoy it, It's a nice piece of hardware.

Of course postive feedback left also :thumbsup2: