View Full Version : For Sale 2x 3com EtherLink III ISA Network cards (2nd lot)

27th November 2018, 21:38
While going through the boxes I found two more 3com Etherlink III 3C509B-C cards that I will not be using.

Asking 10 per card or 18 for the lot. Shipping paid by the buyer.

EDIT: as these are in such high demand I pulled two additional cards from my existing setups.

28th November 2018, 11:03
Declaring interest in two 3com Etherlink III 3C509B-C cards. PM

28th November 2018, 14:01
Declaring interest in the last one - PM on its way enquiring about shipping costs.

28th November 2018, 20:56
Declaring intrest too. PM pending

23rd December 2018, 16:27
Network cards received a few days ago. Today I've tested them: they work properly!!

Positive feedback left

1st January 2019, 02:04
Declaring interest in 2 if the ones you pulled in the edit are still available.