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29th November 2018, 16:23
Want to run software for any CPU from (early) Pentium III back down to 386 levels on a single PC? Then you need a CPU that supports lots of SETMUL options. This board gives you one in a convenient, small, modern PSU-friendly package:

PC-Chips M789CLU v1.2
Via C3 "1500+" onboard, i.e. 800MHz Samuel II (max ALU performance like a P3-600, max FPU performance similar to a P233MMX)
FlexATX form factor (small)
Via CLE266/8235 chipset
Via/S3 UniChrome3D integrated video, Via VT1612A integrated audio, Via RhineII integrated LAN
2x PCI, 1x CNR, 2x DDR DIMM slots, 2x PATA-133
Original backplate present. 2x 256MB PC2100 DDR DIMMs also included.

Video and LAN have full DOS support, sound less so - if you want to play DOS games, you will need a PCI sound card with some form of DOS DMA support (i.e. ESS Solo, Ensoniq AudioPCI/Creative SB64 PCI - check my other adverts for some of those). All components supported in Win9x and newer.

Asking EUR 30 25

Paypal and SEPA bank transfers accepted. Card is in the Netherlands, shipping (with track & trace) to nearby countries EUR ~18, outside of Europe probably EUR 26. If interested I wil look up the exact price.

9th December 2018, 02:05

29th December 2018, 01:59
Bump - with price drop

2nd February 2019, 22:28