View Full Version : For Sale Blue Build Slot1: Mobo, Graphics, Voodoom Memory

10th December 2018, 15:28
As for some time I found making "colour themed" builds a great fun, I decided to sell a base for blue build with spare part I managed to found.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-BX2000+ (60 Euro) (was 75)
Memory: 2x256MB sdram on BLUE PCB!!! (40 Euro for both) (was 50)
Graphics: Hercules GeForce 3 AGP (100 Euro)
Graphics 2: Riva TNT 2 (don't know manufacturer) (15 Euro) (was 30)


PRICE FOR LEFT THINGS: 350Euro 299Euro 190Euro

Yes… you can buy P3 build with the same parameteres MUCH cheaper… try to find all in blue, red, white etc... that's not so easy, that's why I found making that kind color themed builds really challenging and fun… Haters gonna hate :)

I can add some PIII cpu for free if you want.
All things should be working. Tested or bought as working. Will test before shipping.

I will provide video from test to buyer.
Also listed elsewere.

Price does not include shipping and PP fees.

Payment via PayPal (firends and family)
Shipping (tracking + insurance where possible) is 12-20Euro in the EU. For other parts of the world - ask.

Due to BX chipsem memories are recognized as 128mMB

Voodoo:ProVideo Voodoo 2 12MB (85 Euro) Sold to LCU

16th December 2018, 21:35
Is the Geforce 3 a Ti model?

16th December 2018, 21:54
No. This is regular Geforce 3.

23rd December 2018, 09:43
Price reduced to 299Euro for whole.
Now also you can buy all parts separately.

12th February 2019, 10:58
I am interested in purchasing ProVideo Voodoo 2 12MB

13th February 2019, 21:03
payment sent

20th February 2019, 19:18
Card sent, tracking numer provided.

18th March 2019, 11:39
bump + new prices