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10th December 2018, 15:42
I was making rearrangement in my collections and have cards that I don't need anymore.

- GeForce 2 GTS from Sparkle (?)
- Ati rage 128 (with japan manual and some leaflets)
- Ati rage LT pro
- Ati rage 128 red pcb
- Daytona intel 740
- Geforce 5200 violet (i think so)
- Riva TNT 2 M64 form gainward (i think so)
- Riva TNT Viper v550
- S3Trio 3D 2x
- STB Nitro Virge on 83MHz Memories
- Sound Blaster 16 CT1740
- Sound Blaster 16 MCD CT1750
- Sound Blaster 16 CT2950
- Sound Blaster 16 CT2230
- Sound Blaster CT2980 with Yamaha OPL
- Sound Blaster AWE64 value CT4500


Price: 130Euro, 99Euro NOW: 70 Euro + shipping

Selling only as whole.

All things should be working. Tested or bought as working. But I can't 100% guarantee that there will be no issues. You buy as is.

Price does not include shipping and PP fees.
Payment via PayPal (firends and family)
Shipping (tracking + insurance where possible) is 18 Euro in the EU. For other parts of the world - ask.

23rd December 2018, 09:40
Price reduction to 99 Euro.

18th March 2019, 11:37
Bump + price drop

18th March 2019, 11:59
Declaring interest in this

18th March 2019, 18:21
Payment sent :)

22nd March 2019, 17:03
Parcel sent, tracking info sent to Dannyboy.