View Full Version : Sold 4MB Fast mem expansion for A600 (faulty)

11th December 2018, 07:04
I have this expansion from Kipper2k that I could never get to work properly with my A600. I believe the problem is with the CPU socket. My A600 did not boot at all with the original expansion and then Kipper2k sent me a new socket which should make a better fit with the CPU. I replaced the socket and was then able to boot the A600 and have it see the 4MB expansion, however it will only run for a minute or so before crashing so it is still not good enough. I sanded down the socket as advised but it still does not feel like it connects properly to the CPU as it comes off again very easily.

I am putting it up for sale in case anyone else want to give it a try.

Price 8 euro plus shipping (starting from 7.50 euro with tracking within EU).

11th December 2018, 07:25
I'll take it, please PM payment details.

11th December 2018, 08:06
PM sent. Cheapest shipping to Italy is 11.25 Euro with tracking.

11th December 2018, 21:49
Payment sent.

11th December 2018, 22:12
Payment received.

Update: Package posted today.

27th December 2018, 19:44
Board received in good conditions, actually seems to work fine on the A600 I tried it on, after a bit of playing with the connector.

Positive feedback on the way in any case :).

28th December 2018, 04:24
Great to hear that the board was not a lost cause. :)
Feedback returned so thread can be closed.