View Full Version : possible to commission a CD32 expansion port ribbon cable?

19th December 2018, 12:53
I have an SX-1 and the big problem with that add-on is how it just dangles precariously off the CD32 expansion port. It has no screws or anything to attach it to the CD32 case and, to make matters worse, the case is misaligned so it naturally comes apart from the CD32 unit. Later upgrades like the CD32 promodule basically moved the wart to a case below the CD32, which also allowed them to put in a floppy drive as well. I'd like to actually convert my SX-1 into something more like a CD32 pro module in that regard, so I'm wondering if a cable could be built that would connect the CD32 expansion port to the SX-1 port input so that I may route the SX-1 hardware below the CD32. Is such a cable possible to be built?