View Full Version : Closed Amiga 1200 w/ KS 3.1, OS3.9, Indivision AGA, 10gb SOLD!

11th November 2008, 22:36
system has been sold.

12th November 2008, 16:20
Hi, do you sell it as a whole package only? because i`m interested in stock, non expanded a1200 - computer only. and yours looks like new.

17th November 2008, 04:53
I'm interested. Any repair done to this? What payment method will you accept?

19th November 2008, 16:36
What? You're interested in both my A2500 and A1200? Hmm... if you're legit, serious and qualified - please check your e-mail.

Would make you a package deal for both...

23rd November 2008, 05:51
Yes I am very legit and very interested! Could you tell me why you are selling--both sound in perfect condition.

Please email me with your package deal!

Thank you!

:o :o :o

Kin Hell
23rd November 2008, 12:56
Hi Ben. Welcome to AmiBay.

Be a Star & edit your Profile with your Location deets please.

Thanks. :)

24th November 2008, 22:17
Sorry about that :oops:


Np. :wink:


27th November 2008, 05:04
Sadly I must withdraw my interest in this system.

2nd December 2008, 05:02
The CF pcmcia card, the ethernet pcmcia, the external Commodore floppy, and Mouse Master selector box --they are no longer included ?


Kin Hell
2nd December 2008, 12:09
@ save2600

Are you okay here? I'm only reading the posts here, but things appear to be a little messy!?

2nd December 2008, 14:09
Nothing messy over here :-)

Kin Hell
2nd December 2008, 14:34
Setting up a PayPal account is free. Just add a 3% charge to the total amount being paid for the goods & shipping.
You get paid with the "scam" covered, billy gets his goods & everything is Sweeeeet!

Don't wanna do the PayPal rant thing here though. :wink:

Best of Luck,


4th December 2008, 05:14
The reality is you can get a 1200 new old stock with much of the stuff shown here for about the same price, so again does the package still include:

CF pcmcia card
ethernet pcmcia card
external floppy
mouse selector box

if not no interest

sorry you're feeling stroked -- again times are tough and we're all trying to spend as little as possible

9th December 2008, 15:25
Ben - you *are* a total stroke! If you weren't, why would you ask these questions publicly instead of E-mail which we've done before??

And I totally disagree with your assessment. Generally speaking, don't try to tell a seller what something is worth. That screams 'red flag' to most of us.

System has been sold - just came here to update the status and then see your ramblings on both my systems - which I suspected right away as being dubious at best. Thanks for publicly proving my hunch. Good luck trying to amass half of what I was offering for anywhere near *your* price point. Let alone, all the time it took installing, configuring, testing, etc. (all part of the fun, but many do not want to bother with all that).

Kin Hell
9th December 2008, 17:16
@ Ben

You have a PM. Please seriously consider the contents.



Kin Hell
10th December 2008, 12:37
@ Save2600

Stroking is the same as trying to cajole in any instance, but then someone's idea of being stroked isn't necessarily the same for someone else. Personally, I don't mind being stroked occasionally. However, It depends who's stroking me & what I'm being stroked for.... :wink:

This ends here. No more name calling however flakey it might be.

@ all

Hammering someone with downbeat prices is a no-no. However, Ben appears not to have done this. I can get the logs out if needed but come on!.....

If you want the goods, pay the cash or leave it. Price driving & allowing yourself to be convinced by others is not any way to compare fair pricing. Fair pricing in this game is like this:

"Anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it".

Lets just not get rude whilst trying to reach these goals, however aggrieved you might feel. If it's getting so bad, call in the Mods. We are here to try & help & also try to calm those who feel flabbergasted by running events.

I asked everyone to be cool on the thread a few posts back, drop a nice PM to Ben & then have to write more essays to try & patch it all up.

Sometimes, being a Mod just ain't worth the frickin' hassle......

Now Please, the lot of you; Behave & play nicely!