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2nd January 2019, 13:18
Selling a "Matzes a1k.org RTG Graphics Adapter" for A2000, A3000, A4000. Also comes with a VGA monitor switch + switch connector cable, or you could also connect an Indivision ECS V1 internally to that monitor switch, in case you are using one. You still need a VGA monitor cable. Go and check out all the technical details on the KryoFlux web page, so that you fully understand what you are getting here: https://webstore.kryoflux.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=56&language=en
Asking price 189 Euro + additional shipping costs (Payment via PayPal "Friends & Family").


I show it running here on my Amiga 4000 using OS3.9 and driver “Picasso96-2_1.c”, I am selling it because I got a much faster and much more expensive A4000 graphics card in the meantime, but I guess that Matze card would be a pretty good choice especially for A2000 owners. I attached a small heatsink to the graphic chip, even it does not get really super hot.

That card did not come with any drivers, so you need to download the necessary drivers and Picasso software yourself, more details for installation and support on the German a1k forum, so please use auto translation in your Web browser: https://www.a1k.org/forum/showthread.php?t=54927
Here a part of the description text from the KryoFlux Web page:

“…Cirrus GD5434 graphics chip with hardware blitter and 2 MB of RAM, 64bits memory interface - about 25% faster than a Picasso II+ in an A2000 with A2630 accelerator board.
Resolutions: 24 bits 800x600 at 65Hz, 16 bits 1024x768 at 75Hz, 8 bits 1280x1024 at 60Hz. For more resolutions please see chart.
System requirements: 68020, 4MB fast RAM, max. 6MB fast RAM in ZorroII address space, Kickstart 3.1, HDD
Recommended system configuration: 68030@25Mhz with 8MB fast RAM, Kickstart 3.1, HDD…“

Sold as seen. No refunds. Payment via PayPal "Friends& Family". Shipping from Austria with tracking. Customs duties (if there are any) have to be paid by the buyer. You get only the graphics card and not any monitor or Amiga computer also shown on the photos.

2nd January 2019, 13:48
Interested, will PM later.

2nd January 2019, 14:53
Interested next in line.

2nd January 2019, 17:10
Okay thanks i buy it :-) Greetings to all other who wantet the card ;-)

2nd January 2019, 18:13
Okay thanks i buy it :-) Greetings to all other who wantet the card ;-)


your 3rd inline and have to wait your turn.

2nd January 2019, 21:00
Interested, will PM later.

PM with shipping offer sent to SukkoPera.

3rd January 2019, 11:49
Payment sent.

3rd January 2019, 12:47
Payment sent.

Item shipped, tracking link sent via PM.

3rd January 2019, 12:52
That was fast! :cool:

5th January 2019, 12:14
Okay thanks i buy it :-) Greetings to all other who wantet the card ;-)


21st January 2019, 09:05
Board received in good conditions. I won't be able to test it for a while, but I'm sure it works well, so feedback is already on the way :).

21st January 2019, 10:24