View Full Version : For Sale Some Closet Cleaning

25th January 2019, 23:31

I cleaned my closet and found somethings that I bought and never used like I intended to. So I will put these for sale.


1x NEC USB controller -3 euros plus postage (Tested)
1x Riva TNT2 m64 AGP 32mb -5 plus postage (Untested) SOLD
1x Trident TGUi9440 2mb PCI -5 Plus postage (Tested)
1x ESS ES688 audiodrive ISA - Gold16 soundcard - 20 Plus postage (Tested)
1x Matrox Millennium II 8mb PCI-25 Plus postage (Tested)
1x Ymf724F PCI -15 Plus postage (Tested)
1xCreative CT2940 ISA with real OPL3 ,clean- 25 Plus postage (Untested) SOLD
1xCreative CT2230 ISA with - 25 Plus postage (Tested)
1xFortemedia FM801 PCI soundcard -5 plus postage (Untested)
1x NIC Intel S82595FX ISA - 5 plus postage (Untested)

To all these prices you need to add paypal fees. Or use IBAN. Since these are old, I cannot give warranty. It's sold as is.
I have no drivers at the moment, you need to get them from somewhere.
Thanks for watching.

26th January 2019, 00:48
interested in creative ct2940 and riva tnt2 agp , shipping to spain