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27th January 2019, 14:29

It's with great sadness I have decided to part with my beloved A1500... we have been through many ups and downs but I've only gone and cheated on her with an A4000 and can't have them both in the house!

This is a top spec machine:

Amiga 1500 - In fantastic condition - see pics.
Phase 5 Blizzard 2060 128MB - An absolute gem of a card
Matze Graphics card - in my opinion one of the better cards for the 2000.
Buddha IDE (new)
Supra 8mb Ram (video shows 4mb as I disable some)
Special kickstart switcher (built by K.Fraser) - has 3.1, 3.x and 1.3 - hold down reboot keys to switch.
Two FDD drives and CD rom drive.
Replacement PSU - modern - silent.

Note: the pics may show an Indi ECS - this is NOT for sale.

Pictures and video here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...5HL5tDU0uwZuKB (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rfSh4ImNS5QJ8HZy645HL5tDU0uwZuKB)

For the lot I would like 1525 - paypal gift + PP.

But I will sell the base A1500 for 350 plus any desired add-ons for:

- A2060 +800
- Matze - +175
- Buddha - +40
- Supra - +60
- Megachip - +100

Note: A1500 MUST be included.

This will be on sale elsewhere.

27th January 2019, 17:43
Added options...

30th January 2019, 18:39
Please close - will create a new thread splitting and adding a few more items. thanks