View Full Version : Closed 1942 monitor or flyback transformer

29th January 2019, 05:06
Desperately looking for the flyback transformer of 1942 Commodore monitor (built by Daewoo).

Part number is DCF-1580.

I知 not a specialist but all google searches so far lead to no stock, even when websites were showing stock.

There seem to be some in Brazil on mercadolivre.com website but I知 unable to I understand portuguese and how to order...

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Alternatively, if buy a 1942 monitor in working condition but I知 only interested in very good cosmetic ones (or mint). I値l consider any offer.

29th January 2019, 08:02
I have some flyback transformer, I must just check what type it is. PM today evening.

30th January 2019, 02:29
Thanks, Stachu. [emoji1303]

30th January 2019, 12:01
Didn稚 appear to be a flyback transformer for 1942 monitor.
Still looking...

Would there be someone in Brazil able to order locally and ship to me in Australia??

9th April 2019, 13:06
Admin can close this thread, thanks.
A friend found for me a supplier in USA and I bought 3 of them. Lol.