View Full Version : For Sale Compaq 23052 / 'ASSY 002754-001 REV A' '64K Cache Card for Deskpro 4/66i

29th January 2019, 23:05
As the title says. I had this in a Deskpro 4/66i 486 that one day the built-in RAM decided to randomly die. Pulled the cache card, still the same issue with the onboard RAM so I know the cache isn't at fault. Decided to retire the computer as I had plenty of other 386/486 systems to use, but I held onto the cache card.

These seem to be a bit uncommon so if anyone has a Deskpro 4/66i or compatible system without cache, this might give their system a pretty sizable performance boost.

Asking about $15 USD + shipping. I'll try to keep shipping reasonable.

11th February 2019, 03:30
Bump, still available.