View Full Version : For Sale Lot of old PC related stuff and peripherals such as mother and video boards, modem, etc.

31st January 2019, 19:06
For sale several old PC-related stuff and peripherals such as the following:

2 pcs. Network cards PCI
6 pcs. Hard disks IDE low capacity
1 pc. Firewire card 3 port PCI
1 pc. MOBO p6v693a/a6-133
1 pc. MOBO PM-VAPOM Mini ATX + CPU Celeron + fan + 196MB RAM
1 pc. MOBO DFI NB72-sc + CPU P4 + fan + 128MB RAM
1 pc. ABIT ka7ok + CPU Athlon k7700mr511 + fan+ 256MB RAM
1 pc. Matrox MY220 PCI
1 pc. CPU P3 866/256/133 + adapter
1 pc. Geforce 8600 512MB DDR2 PCI-E
1 pc. Trident VGA PCI
1 pc. Soundblaster Live 5.1 PCI
1 pc. Epson ISA parallel port
1 pc. Suprafax Modem v32bis
1 pc. ATI Radeon VE 64MB SDR TV AGP
2 pcs. USB card ext port ASUS
1 pc. Zyxel Zyair G100 wireless cardbus card
1 pc. Huawei e5830 3G modem
1 pc. Radeon 7000 32MB AGP
3 pcs. Network card ISA
2 pc. ISDN card PCI
1 pc. Modem 56k PCI
1 pc. AGP V3800t 16MB SG Asus
1 pc. IDE card PCI
2 pcs. Network card Gigabit
1 pc. Parallel port switch box





The most part are still working and the rest are untested/faulty but I suppose to be fixable.

Total price is 75 (or the nearest offer) plus P&P.

Paypal + fee, Paypal Gift or bank transfer are accepted.

24th February 2019, 19:27