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2nd February 2019, 07:40
For sale: one IBM Thinkpad 385XD.


Intel Pentium MMX 233 MHz
2 GB hard disk drive (original IBM)
Floppy drive (works)
CD drive (haven't been able to get it to work, but with USB flash drive support I haven't needed it)
USB port
MagicGraph Super VGA (up to 1024x768 with external monitor, has VGA port)
800x600 12 inch TFT screen
Crystal SBPro compatible sound card on ISA bus
Stereo speakers and internal microphone (both work, you can record sound in Windows 3.1. Probably in DOS too but I haven't tried it.)
Two PCMCIA slots
Parallel/serial ports
PS/2 port

There is no battery included (a quick edit: full disclosure, I did attempt to rebuild the original battery but it would not charge. There is some circuitry inside the battery that might be bad, or my cells might have been bad, or I may have wired it up incorrectly, or the charging circuit in the laptop might be bad. I don't know which.). The AC adapter is included.

The CMOS battery is weak; if you leave it unplugged for too long it will lose its settings.

I'm also throwing in the IBM 56K modem PCMCIA card that came with it when I got it. I haven't had the resources to test it, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work. I know the PCMCIA slots work.

I've wiped the HDD and installed MS-DOS 7.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11, along with some programs, utilities, and games.

This machine works well in pure DOS as well as Windows 3.1 or even Windows 9x. I've had Compact Flash cards running in it before, although the BIOS needs a drive overlay or boot manager on the MBR in order to see more than 8 GB, I think. The keyboard feels amazing. The mouse nub thing also works, although the nub itself is somewhat more flexible than it should be due to age.

Some of the software I've loaded on it is very useful, such as the UHCI plug and play USB drivers for DOS, located in C:PROGRAMSUSBDOS. You can quickly transfer files over USB this way, and even hotswap drives. This doesn't work with all vintage USB controllers. Fortunately this particular machine has one that is compatible.

The item is also available on eBay here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/183665409017

See the eBay listing for pictures.

Special Amibay price: $100 USD OBO, plus shipping via service of your choice. Payable via PayPal.

PM me to find out what shipping would be to your location. I will ship internationally if I can do it via FedEx, UPS, or USPS and you are willing to pay for it. Easiest for me is FedEx.

Add another 10 bucks and I'll throw in a 64 MB stick of RAM for it, so you can max it out to 96 MB.

2nd February 2019, 11:05
Would be interested but shipping im guessing would kill the sale ;(

holds breath............

on reflection as much as I would like this I can't justify it atm :(

2nd February 2019, 22:34
on reflection as much as I would like this I can't justify it atm :(

No worries!

16th February 2019, 19:26