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9th February 2019, 10:42
For sale my towerized Amiga 4000.

143687 143688 143689 143690 143691 143692 143693

Motherboard is cleaned and recapped, battery is removed (minimal leakage).
Some SIMM clips are broken, so I fixed the modules using hot glue.
One front door clip is broken, but it close well.

You will get the following configuration:

A4000D motherboard in Tower case with ATX Power Supply
2MB Chip RAM and 16MB Fast RAM onboard
Buster V11
Patched 3.1 ROMs
Warp Engine + 68060 Adapter + 68060 CPU Rev.6 @ 80 Mhz + 128MB Fast RAM CPU Card
Picasso IV RTG Card
Super I/O Card
1 x HDD Seagate Cheetah SCSI UW 10K 9.1GB
1 x FDD HD 1.76MB
1 x FDD DD 880KB
1 x Iomega ZIP Drive IDE (internal)
1 x LG DVD-ROM Drive IDE
Original A4000 Keyboard (QUERTZ)
Internal Serial Mouse Adapter + Serial Mouse
Amiga OS 3.9 CD

Monitor not included.

The system works great, it is faaast and very stable. ;)

I ask 1.850,00 Euro (was 1.950,00) + shipping (it may be expensive due to size and weight, please ask).
If you already own Amiga OS 3.9 CD I can take it off from the lot decreasing 50,00 Euro from the price.

I accept Paypal (gift/friend ONLY) or bank transfer.

Send me a PM if you need more info!

Thank you!


9th February 2019, 10:44
More pictures...

143694 143695 143696 143697 143698143699 143700

9th February 2019, 14:54

Withdraw... I only saw 950€ lol

14th February 2019, 22:36
Scambi il warpengine con la mia apollo 4060 128mb?

18th February 2019, 06:56
Price drop.

20th February 2019, 08:20
Admin please close this thread. I will split relisting the items separately.