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16th February 2019, 14:00
For sale, one PAL Amiga 3000/25.




Lots of pictures here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOhUH73s04qhjp4wiAoFHAaMpty7C4gBeOStwouUgiBhFYpUtGAw12Aax75FzcTkg?key=VVBsN050cExuZzQ0RWVoNV9GT2QzTlhhSlFhVWVB

Looking for 550 plus PayPal fees (if not friend/gift) plus postage, which will obviously depend on where you are.

I'll research some prices when I get a chance and update this post. Collection welcome, I'm in the UK, Hertfordshire, J8 of the M1.

Quick summary:

68030 @ 25Mhz
1Mb Fast Ram
2Mb Chip Ram
Rev 9.2 motherboard
One floppy drive
No visible battery damage but battery removed
Original keyboard
Tank mouse
Workbench & Kickstart 3.1

I bought this a couple of weeks ago from a guy I bought a 'Mystery' graphics card from on eBay. I found the video card was a bit of a oddity and couldn't find any drivers for it. Turned out he still had the A3000D it came out of. So I bought it in the hope of finding the drivers and any related software. Had some success on the software front but as I already have 2 A3000s can't justify keeping it :-(

The case is in good condition overall, some very minor marks but no scratches or dents. The front panel is a little yellowed but I've seen much worse!

The keyboard is yellowed and has a broken right cursor key but otherwise works well. Someone tried to repair it with glue but all they achieved was to glue the shaft in, so you can't press it down. Should be repairable. The 'tank' mouse is yellowed but works well.

The battery had started to leak at one end so I removed it as soon as I got it home. I cleaned the surrounding area with the usual combination of lemon juice and Isopropyl alcohol. I can't see any damage anywhere and the clock works fine, although it obviously doesn't keep time when power is off! I think I have a spare battery kit, I'll throw it in for free if I find it.

Boots to Workbench beautifully, the hard disk is working perfectly.

The floppy disk had a quick clean and blow-out with compressed air as it was a bit grungy. It reads and formats OK but but may need a proper clean as it has trouble with some floppies.

Both floppy mounting plates and HD mounting plate are present.

I ran some diagnostics off a C= disk image I found, all passed apart from the clock test, as expected.

Full disclosure: I tried running a few demo disks, Budbrain, walker, boing etc. and some games. Some worked but many crash. I'm not sure if this indicates a problem with the machine or not. I get the same issues with my other A3000s, though. I tried turning the CPU cache off but didn't help. If you want me to run anything in particular, that you know should work on an A3000, let me know!

Have a look at the pictures, shout out if you need any more info.

16th February 2019, 14:54
Declaring interest. Sending PM with questions.

16th February 2019, 15:03
Second in line please

16th February 2019, 15:25
Third in line.

16th February 2019, 16:47
Aaaand fourh in line.

16th February 2019, 17:08
Expressing an interest,

Please put me inline :)

16th February 2019, 17:18
Declaring interest. Sending PM with questions.
PM replied to.

16th February 2019, 23:19
Money send.

17th February 2019, 00:45
Payment received, thanks. I will post on Monday morning and PM you to confirm that it is on its way.

18th February 2019, 11:07
A3000 has been posted, I've PM'd you the tracking number :thumbsup:

20th February 2019, 18:07
Package has arrived. Leave feedback.

20th February 2019, 19:12
And +ve feedback left for your good self.