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23rd February 2019, 20:51
Hi everbody,

I'm looking at this card for may AmyITX Poject. :D
Please send me offer with price and pictures of funktinonality of this great Hardware! :cool:

Thanks and have a good time!


23rd February 2019, 23:02
I have one for sale.

Will arrange pictures and so tomorrow and post here.

24th February 2019, 21:48
I the following for sale:

1x AmyITX RTG 2MB Zorro II GBAPII++ including
- Card files or Picasso 96
- 2x Nylon Stand offs (installed before the RTG)
- VGA Connector adapter
- 2x flat cables

Please note that it is recommended to use 020+ with a RTG card.

Don't bent the card and do not use non ESD tools.

Total price with insured and tracked shipping:

AmyITX RTG = 180€
Shipping = 13€

Total: 193€

Please transfer as gift to my Paypal account claes.branskog@gmail.com if you still are interested.

These cards is sold as-is and they were tested before shipping.

Pictures etc: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VqjXJ2vMf1aiqaN2A (some pictures is on AmyITX, AmyITX NIC and AmyITX 030 with a custom case witch is not included in this sale).

24th February 2019, 21:59
:D wow great! Thank you, I will take it!

- - - Updated - - -

Payment send via PayPal! ;)
I will sent my Adress via PM!


24th February 2019, 22:02
Money received, please send PM with address.

Shipping tomorrow or when I get the address.

25th February 2019, 20:46
Shipping label arranged, tracking ID sent to a4Kuse.

Sending feedback now.