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26th February 2019, 10:30
Complete Case for Amiga 600 with 4 screws.

All 4 pairs of back clips are ok. Both side clips are broken. Case closes ok. 4 screws included.

Very little yellowed - pictures taken in a daylight outside on my patio this morning.
Normal wear signs, nothing is broken.

Not cleaned or whitened in any way.

All 4 rubber legs ok, label ok, expansion cover ok.


PRICE: EUR 35.00 + P&P

I have just started to tidy up my attic and found another Amiga 600 case in good condition.
I hope to find more Commodore and Amiga related items after my children who are adult now!

As I am quite new on AmiBay and I want a smooth transaction, I offer two options:
- registered shipping & payment by PayPal (buyer pays 4% PayPal fee) - for seller and buyer protection
- standard shipping & payment by PayPal (Family & Friends) - for lower cost but at buyer's risk

Shipping by An Post (Irish Post)

26th February 2019, 12:41
Interested. Questions sent for shipping.

26th February 2019, 13:39
PM replied.

Interested. Questions sent for shipping.

26th February 2019, 16:57
SOLD TO Tops71

Payment received. Amiga 600 case will be sent by registered packet tomorrow.

27th February 2019, 12:02
Amiga 600 case has been sent by registered packet this morning.
Tracking number has been sent to Teps71 by PM.

5th March 2019, 08:55
Positive feedback received & returned.

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