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28th February 2019, 23:08
For sale an Asus A7V133 (https://www.asus.com/supportonly/A7V133/HelpDesk_CPU) rev 1.05 board. Comes with an Athlon Thunderbird 1333 MHz.
It's the version with onboard Promise ATA100 controller. There exist mods to turn it into the full ATA100 RAID (IIRC they involve merging the RAID BIOS with cbrom and wiring some resistors to the IDE cables).
Has the "better" ICS 94215AF clock generator. No bad caps, everything works fine.
BIOS has been updated to latest 10.10 beta1.
The ARX chipset cooler has been replaced by a more copious heatsink+fan combo.
(the original is provided if desired, but the fan is missing two "wings").

CPU is the Athlon A1333AMS3 (http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K7/AMD-Athlon%201333%20-%20A1333AMS3C.html)C, with a GlobalWin "Cooltium" heatsink + dual ball bearing fan (~4500 rpm), also included.
Will also include the Asus USB backplate for the 2 extra ports provided via headers on the board.

Price is EUR 25 via Paypal, and includes 1 GB of RAM (1x512 + 2x256) as a free extra.
Shipping costs should be around EUR 17 for most of Europe, registered/tracked shipping.

29th April 2019, 22:23

1st June 2019, 23:02
Bump. Now with 1 GB RAM (1x512 + 2x256 MB DIMMs) as a free added extra.