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3rd March 2019, 15:57
- Sold -

Hey there everyone. It has been a while since I have been on this board. Ever since I sold my previous A1200 a year or so I wanted an A1200 again. But again I came to realize I am not doing that much with it. I took more joy in completing it, installing it and make it future proof and now it's done it's most of the time idling. Also personal reasons have made me decide to sell the Amiga.

This Amiga is in near mint condition and has the following properties:
- A nice clean original Commodore white case
- A full profession RECAP has been done in October 2018
- Kickstart 3.1.4 flashed on custom made roms
- Workbench 3.1.4 officially bought from Hyperion
- Sandisk Extreme 32GB storage. 1GB partition for Workbench and 29GB for the remaining goodies
- About 3,800 titles with WHDLoad in combination with Igame
- Recently bought ACA1233n turbocard, 40Mhz with 128MB fast ram.
- Specially ordered NEW Power Supply from c64psu.com with twice the power out put than the original PSU
- Two Cumana external floppy drives, both in perfect working condition.
- PCMCIA CF adapter for file transfer from PC to the Amiga
- Sandisk 4GB CF card used for transferring files from pc to the Amiga.
- Hundreds of floppy disks with various software
- RGB to Scart cable *
- Com to PS2 adapter for usage of an optical "modern" mouse.
- The Arcade black Joystick (original)
- The LCD Screen is optional, because of it's size it's hard to send. It depends if you live in The Netherlands and can come by, then you could take it.

* Currently I have a Scart to HDMI converter on route from Ali Express. I have no clue whatever picture enhancements this converter will give, but I expect it to arrive within a week, since it's already departed from China.

So like I said, the Amiga is taken well care off. Workbench 3.1.4 has been installed, lots of programs on it, Protracker, Directory Opus, WHDLoad and iGame with ~3,800 titles and hundreds of Protracker Modules. The CF card is like a few month old and contains a whopping 29GB DH1 partition. I even made several video's about this process on YouTube. Just find my channel by either looking for "Snowwie88". The recap is done by a professional recapper who is very well known on the Dutch Amiga board (amiga.cafe) under his nickname "TSB", and this guy has a very good reputation of using only the best capacitors, A grade materials, so this Amiga can last another 30 years without problems. What you get here is a complete Amiga that needs no work anymore. Connect, turn on and play.

I want 750 euro for this entire set, not any less. It can be send internationally, but the cost of that are yours, but before I send it I need some guarantees that I get the money and you get the Amiga.

Payment can be done with various options:
- Paypal
- Direct Bank Wire Transfer
- Cash (if you are in the neighborhood)
- If there are any other methods that make the deal 'safer' for both parties, please let me know.


3rd March 2019, 18:07

3rd March 2019, 20:22
You can email me at (snip) if you have any questions.

4th March 2019, 18:59
Interest withdrawn

9th March 2019, 20:08
Pricedrop to 700 euro.