View Full Version : Sold Thylacine USB Zorro card

3rd March 2019, 19:30
Another card that has to go, one Thylacine USB Zorro card. Bought from Amibay a while ago but I never did get around to finding the right combination of software to make it work. I subsequently got a Gotek and a SCSI2SD, so I don't really need it now.

I assume it works, it shows up in board list. Comes with original driver floppy.

Asking 75 plus postage and packing, or very near offer. PayPal Friends or Family payment of buyer to pay fees.

144606 144607

3rd March 2019, 19:36

10th March 2019, 20:55
Paid, picked it up last night and fitted today - still working getting the software working. Feedback left.

10th March 2019, 22:09
Feedback left. Good to know it's finally going to get some use after all these years!