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14th March 2019, 19:05
As in title, Blizzard PPC rev0 by phase5 with SCSI for sale:
1) PPC@300MHz working at 330MHz (slight overclocking)
2) MC68060RC50 rev6@66MHz Motorola with the socketed oscillator; 060 can be clocked at 66MHz, but older SCSI devices might not work stable.
3) 256MB (2 x 128MB) 50 ns RAM
4) New battery
5) New fan
6) SCSI 68 pin cable with active terminator + quiet 34GB 80pin 3,5" SCSI HDD + 80pin-68pin adapter with AOS3.9 installed (KS3.1 required). This HDD works @66MHz!
7) 66MHz and a 50MHz oscillator for 060 if your BVision card and old SCSI devices don't like overclocking
8 ) AOS 3.9 CD-ROM

Optional: I can create Custom 3.9KS 1MB (all latest libs inside KS, no need for the second reboot).

AOS4.1 is just to show card is working without any problems - it's not part of the deal.
BVision PPC card is also not part of the deal.

As usual:
Installation of Blizzard PPC card is NOT easy: they require good power and good cooling. Otherwise, your Amiga will not work stable.
Not to mention proper software installed.
If you never had an experience with 040 and above, please think twice before buying it.

Asking 1350EUR including insured and tracking postage worldwide
Payment by PayPal as "gift" or 1404EUR standard PayPal payment.
Can accept other currencies.

Also listed elsewhere.




16th March 2019, 11:27
On ebay auction now.
Mods please close.

16th March 2019, 11:58
Every time you list of of these there is a dark temptation to buy it again lol. Good luck with your sale mate, the only person I would buy this hardware from again is you.

16th March 2019, 12:03
Cheers mate! :-)

16th March 2019, 16:36
This card is faster than a Cyberstorm 200mhz?

16th March 2019, 17:37
This card is faster than a Cyberstorm 200mhz?

Pure CPU clock obviously yes but memory bandwidth and fast UW SCSI on the CS means most software will run faster on the CS in real world usage.