View Full Version : For Sale Boxed Elite Gold Edition

16th March 2019, 07:27
As title said. Asking 40Euro plus tracked shipping. AS IS WHERE IT IS.

145095 145096 145097 145098 145099

Payment with Neteller or bank transfer(EU bank). If you strictly want to use Paypal ask first. Please do payment within 48hours. Timer starts ticking from the moment I sent payment details, not the time, when You decided to open your inbox, please understand.

I will ship tracked parcel, once payment cleared on following conditions. 1)weekdays only, since my local post office closed Sat and Sun; 2)If payment cleared after 11:30a.m. shipment is next business day. Say, if payment cleared 12a.m. Friday, I will ship parcel on following Monday; 3)I'm happy to combine items, but keep in mind total weight and don't be surprized about shipping cost; 4)I don't charge handling fees(packing materials), so shipping will cost what Post will charge me plus conversion/withdrawal fees(about 5%); 5) due to a safety reasons I do not ship to Africa, Central America, exUSSR; 6)shipping cost outside EU is high, so ask first, please.

Thank you for your interest.