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14th November 2008, 15:20
Title Shogo - Mobile Armor Division
Game Type 3D Action
Company Hyperion Software (http://www.hyperion-software.com)
Players 1 (multiplayer over network)
Compatibility Amiga with PowerPC accelerator(min 160 MHz), WarpOS4+, 64Mb RAM,
Warp3D, 350 Mb hard disk space, 6x CD-ROM, graphics card
or AmigaONE with 64 Mb RAM, 350 Mb hard disk space
The box is opened but like new.
20 euros+shipping

15th November 2008, 18:21
Interested in the game if it's still available. PM sent

Kin Hell
15th November 2008, 21:11
@ portarinos

Are you Chris' friend? (Countraven)

20th November 2008, 14:30
@ Kin Hell

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Kin Hell
20th November 2008, 14:54
You Phantom?

20th November 2008, 16:03
Yes, tell me. Anything wrong?