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14th November 2008, 16:24
opened but like new.
26 euros shipping included

The Feeble Files

Cartoon Adventure Game

You are Feeble, an alien living in a highly oppressive society - controlled by 'The Company' and its clan of Enforcers. Everyone on the planet, including members of 'The Company', are controlled by the god-like Omnibrain - a collection of 'neural tissues with intense computational powers'.

The aptly named Feeble's insignificant existence turns full circle when his ship collides with the Voyager probe whilst he is navigating an asteroid belt. A 'Company' violation in its self, the repercussions of Feeble's joy-ride come to a climax when the off-course Voyager collides and destroys a Company installation unit. Soon the blame is put on Feeble, and in true Company style, Feeble is arrested and sent to a high security prison, where he meets the most influential person in his mission, die hard revolutionary and member of the Rebellion, Delores. Together they team up, joining forces with a military robot, on a mission to reveal the truth about the Company, destroy the Omnibrain, and give freedom back to the people.

Rebellion has never looked so pAtHeTiC!!!


* around 80 locations to visit
* more than 6000 voice lines to interact with
* dozens of citizens to meet and laugh at
* professionally rendered characters
* over 20 actors used for recording the soundtrack

System Requirements Amiga/Pegasos:
Amiga 68060 or PPC or Pegasos G3/600, 32 MB RAM, AHI, Amiga OS 3.x or MorphOS 1.x, 4xCD ROM

12th March 2009, 12:49
26 Euros shipping included

21st July 2009, 17:12
Now 26 euros shipping included