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7th May 2019, 19:26

passing on a nice clean original BBC Master Compact!

I really like this as an alternative to a B or a Master. The compact is really neat and diminutive, original little thing. Asking 140 paypal gift plus 11 UPS delivered to UK (signed for only). UK is preferred for logistics.

Keyboard only / the actual computer, as per the pic.

it is powered by a 5v modern PSU as per pic.

Has a big new 128kb EEPROM in place with beebaid, MMFS and 1770 DFS. it still has all the 16k and 32k rom slots free so you can fill it up, or use sideways ram as per the master.

The MMFS rom allows to shift-break the stardot (or other) beeb.mmb file held on the included micro-sd card. Gives a big menu of games. This is a simple 6 wire interface presently attached to the external joystick port! You can easily relocate this internally, i decided not to for reasons of originality but its dead easy (or I know TheCorfiot on here can do it if you ask). I'll include the wiring pic.

The DFS options are useful if you want to attach a Gotek or a real 3.5" floppy, or ADFS devices. As the master is a bit different from the B, some games in the image don't work.. common situation. i think a Gotek is advised to put known good games on and boot. I would have updated the beeb.mmb more but sorry I ran out of time.. I tend to spend my game time in other stuff (just tried more like Aviator and The Sentinel which seem to work but Alien8 didnt) and I haven't filtered the other several hundred games.

The micro sd card will be included but wiped for site rules so you'll need add a beeb.mmb file (can advise), so the photo's are illustrative.

What else? The original system eprom is included so you can restore it to its original state as desired..


will list elsewhere soon

23rd May 2019, 17:16
I am interested in buying this Master Compact. Can you pls DM me for pricing and shipping!

23rd May 2019, 17:55
Hi dan

sorry this has just sold elsewhere on another site... forgot to remove the listing. Mods please would you?


I suggest you post a want ad, someone I know of may list theirs later in the year. Cheers!