View Full Version : Sold Falcon -Spectrum Holobyte F16 flight sim for Atari ST

29th October 2010, 13:27
boxed, complete, 2 disks plus a mission disk. cant recall if that was extra but its in there and with docs.

I've not used it for years -hopefully it all works great, otherwise its easily findable/downloadable. for me the important thing was the manuals, the payloads and key guides!

3 plus postage please paypal gift (no fees) only. 2nd class I'd suggest as its weighty ;)

29th October 2010, 13:42
Interested depending on what postage would be to Australia, post code 3181

PM Sent

29th October 2010, 14:20
correction! its actually 1.2kg

Airmail Small Packets (http://sg.royalmail.com/portal/rm/PriceFinderResults?pageId=pc_sltc_rm_product&productCarrier=RM&catId=23500532&keyname=4&index=6) From 5 days Up to 41 No 14.57

Surface Mail Small Packets (http://sg.royalmail.com/portal/rm/PriceFinderResults?pageId=pc_sltc_rm_product&productCarrier=RM&catId=23500532&keyname=70&index=12) From 56 days Up to 41 No 8.32

there is a slightly cheaper option but that takes more than 2 months!

Pm me if thats good, and I'll package it, and confirm the final price

unless you can suggest cheaper. parcelmonkey.com wanted a load more.

cheers! iain

29th October 2010, 17:06
Withdrawing interest.

5th January 2011, 17:15
I'm interested if you still have this, you have pm:)

11th January 2011, 10:50
Paid for & Received with thanks :)