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30th October 2010, 19:52
Hi to all.

Well, finally I decided to make one A4000D but a "pure" Z3 System.

Here the refurbished mobo (thanks hikey :thumbsup:), Indivision AGA, battery, ROM, RAM, .......

7148 7149 7150 7151

7152 7153 7154 7155

The mobo looks great. Battery is NiMH and new. So, I think, works some years without problems.

30th October 2010, 19:57
Nice one :thumbsup:

Sometimes simple is better ;)

Board looks immaculate, very impressed with Hikey's work.


30th October 2010, 19:58
Now, more components....

A very nice CS MK-II 68060/50 128MB (thanks Jon Hare). It works like a charm.

7156 7157 7158

DENEB, the best USB amiga solution (for Zorro systems)


30th October 2010, 20:00

Thanks for you kind words m8, are very much appreciated. :thumbsup:

30th October 2010, 20:06
And more....

FastATA 4000 MK-V, HDD, DVD, HD Floppys.....

7160 7161 7162 7163

And a closer view of the system....

7164 7165 7166 7167

That's all for the moment. I need to come back to my country and collect the Picasso IV and Toccata.... and I think this baby became a good system....

With more time I change the DVD for one with white front.. Also with Picasso IV I think the Indivision is not needed anymore....

30th October 2010, 20:21
Hi my friend, it's looks very well, I'm mounting one Amiga 4000 too, but I'm not sure what is the best graphic card, Picasso IV or Cybervision 64. Any help?

30th October 2010, 20:25
Wow, I thought you were just starting!

Awesome setup. I've got an LG DVDRW Drive in my A1200T looks nice in an Amiga for some reason :)

Oh and its not very long so you'll have extra space in the A4000, I keep meaning to move it to my A4000D...

I'll find the model number out for you.


30th October 2010, 20:40
Really I'm not sure...

The Picasso IV includes the Scandoubler/FF but I read in other posts it don't have Warp3D support. Anyway I think is very good for RTG.

Lot of users consider the Picasso IV thes best RTG board for classics Amigas. But, they are different opinions, of course.

About the Cybervision 64, I think you need a Scandoubler/FF like Indivison for classic apps. But as I said, I'm not sure.....

For Warp3D I want to use one of my Voodoo's 3 3000 with CSPPC on my A4000D tower project.......

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Your A1200T looks like a dream.... Whoooooo!!!!!! :bowdown:

Thanks alot my friend but don't worry :D This is because I mount this system today (a pair of hours...).

Thanks in anyway..... :thumbsup:

Monday I go to the shop to buy a white one... :D

I don't know about the LG drives on Amiga's. Really I work only with Asus drives, and I'm very happy, because they are "cold" & noiseless drives........

30th October 2010, 23:44
With more time I change the DVD for one with white front.

Usually with a retail box Asus supplies an extra front color, either beige/black or black/silver.
But beige is not the beige of the A4000 and when the front is really white then you really have to spraypaint that front.
But those fronts come off easily from drives.

All in all nice setup, I have a clean A4000 too with reworked caps and also Indi, but no CS, Z3 or anything else, just a stock A3640 and CF IDE.

31st October 2010, 00:16

I have other Asus DVD's mounted on PC's and well, is no the same color, but very similar....

In anyway, my drives they are OEM DVD's, without case, screws, soft,.... just the drives... less expensive :)

I see the LG DVD of the fitzsteve A1200T, looks great and color matches the A4K front (I think).... Is another possibility in my mind....... :)

31st October 2010, 02:38
DENEB, the best USB amiga solution (for Zorro systems)

No, the Deneb is the best USB solution for the Amiga. Period.

OK, for wedge we must go for Subway, which is an OK, speed-wise (even on 68000 systems).

31st October 2010, 07:18

Yes, of course, the Subway is another good solution. But for A1200 or compatible clockports. :)

Best of Subway, I think, is smallsize, four USB ports and low power consumption. The possibility to install on a modded A1200D. :)

The only bad thing, for me, is..... it works only at "Full" speed..... :(

In anyway as I said before, is a good solution for non Zorro systems..... :thumbsup:

26th November 2010, 23:00

This project is near to the end... :)

Here two pics of WB 3.9 BB3 with Picasso IV 1024x768 24bit 75hz

7894 7895

If I have time tomorrow I will post some pics inside this baby with Picasso IV & Toccata installed.


26th November 2010, 23:21
Use white CD/SVS Rom, if possible. I have a Panasonic DVD IDE Multi and the form comes near the original with that "stirpe" ;)

Cool A4000 with black drive too ;)


27th November 2010, 08:19

Yes I want to change the DVD. I'm looking for LG or ASUS (like the one installed), they have facias with a color like the case. Need time to go to the shop..... :)

Thanks for your kind words.

Best wishes

27th November 2010, 08:44
Very nice A4000 project here merlinkv! It is in such a good shape. I'd like to see some photos of the inside with all that juicy stuff installed :D

27th November 2010, 16:08
Hey Pablo, this is comming along great.

Awesome A4000 :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Nice tidy workbench too :cool:

27th November 2010, 21:34

Now few pics inside of this baby.

The Picasso IV. Note the correct position & orientation of the CD-Audio passthrough (white=>left, black=>ground, red=>right), because at the manual is not very clear. Also, the Pablo encoder is installed.

7897 7898 7899

The Toccata, one of the best for "classic" sound. The Deneb USB and the Elbox FastATA MK-V.

7900 7901 7902

The CS MK-II SCSI kit with external port, because maybe I will connect SCSI peripheals later.


Because the little space inside and alot of components, I need extra airflow. So I mounted two small fans down of the HDD.

7904 7905


Last pics of this project on next post.

Best wishes

27th November 2010, 23:21
Hi again

Well, more pics of this project.

The airflow inside the case is one important thing for me. So, I made a hole up of the mouse/joystick cuts and I installed a big, but low profile, fan.

7916 7917

A look of the back. Audio output from Picasso IV to Line-In of Toccata, and the audio out of Toccata to the Line-In of the monitor. Also a look of the USB 10/100 LAN adapter, it works fine with DENEB.

7918 7919

As I said before, I want/needt to change the DVD for one with white-beige facia... or maybe I make a black retropaint... I don't know.

Now, this baby mounted & working... and some stuff waiting to be mounted on another project....... :)

29th November 2010, 12:32
Absolutely fantastic! :) You've used a USB LAN adapter in a similar way to me. I've yet to test it running (although it is recognised as a USB device connected) Have you got her online with this yet? And if so, how are the speeds?

29th November 2010, 12:41
Reading this thread yeasterday reminded me to stop neglecting my A4000 and spent a good hour last night (having finally put down GT5) to play on my A4000.

The A4000, in this pure form is such an awesome machine, I really love mine.

I think I'll try to get a Deneb for mine in the new year :cool:

Thanks again for sharing all the pics :thumbsup:


29th November 2010, 13:16
Hi again

Thanks for your kind words. :)

Yes, as all of yours, I spent lot of time (and money, of course) making this little project. But the results are great for me. Machine runs fast and without "hangs". I love the A4K's.

Steve, the DENEB is one of the best boards for me. Open the classic Amigas to a "New World". A little but powerfull board.

About the USB LAN adapter. Is very simple, look the pics:

First you need to find the compatible chip of your adapter in Trident classes (devices).


Then when you're asked about your SANA II device.... write nameofyourchip.device and this is all.


About speed.

FTP transmmissions are really good I use to connect to my DNS Servers and works very fast.

Internet is other World. Works, but slow. maybe I need to configure my system to run faster on Internet. Actually I use Genesis & AWEB from the OS 3.9 BB3. I'm thinking to buy IBrowse or something.

Best wishes.