View Full Version : A600 show machine

31st October 2010, 12:08
ok so the dry run has been done for the A600 and it all good to go

10mb ram 4.6bg HDD, tv magic box to enable it to run on an LCD monitor (no scan doubler) these shots are taken displaying compasite:o

it will be for sale at the show as well 100:ninja: not including the monitor

31st October 2010, 12:09
Awesome stuff, great work there :thumbsup:

31st October 2010, 12:16
thanks man:thumbsup:

hopefully it'll be alright as the Lotus machine:)

31st October 2010, 20:27

Great!Just Great!

I have two questions for you..What brand is your Lcd Monitor and your is your tv box the cheap chinese one?

31st October 2010, 20:34
yes it's a cheap chinese one. and the monitor is some cheep nasty no brand thing, it says model F159

cheers, JuvUK