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2nd November 2010, 16:20
Hi folks I am after some game user manuals (not necessarily of Amiga origin). Looking for anything really that's interesting and or unique in design and presentation.

I'm not looking to pay loads (sorry) as they are for my students at college. When designing games I always like to show them old skool stuff as the older stuff really goes into detail. I have a few of my own obviously that I show suh as Syndicate & Heimdall of the Amiga variety and F-Zero & Killer Instinct of SNES variety but some other stuff would be much appreciated.

Price of postage and a wee bit extra up for grabs (plus you'll be helping future game designers!)

Many thanks, Kevin

2nd November 2010, 18:26
you have a pm

15th November 2010, 16:14
A massive thanks to Gary for sending me some manuals and boxes, very much appreciated. It's not every day you get something for nothing...except on Amibay!


15th November 2010, 18:26
How about some feedback?