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6th November 2010, 15:59
For sale Atari St ULtrasatan, cost 85 pound ( Ultrasatan and cable for Atari STxx seies) plus 2.99 shipping cost in UK, 5.99 EU, 7.99 rest of world. New made by me,fully working.

11th November 2010, 14:21
This is an awesome piece of kit and I cannot recommend it enough! :thumbsup:

23rd November 2010, 13:48
i might be interested
cheers rofl

24th November 2010, 21:25
Does it come in a plastic case?

24th November 2010, 22:56
Plastic case and cable for ST series, sorry no power supply.

17th December 2010, 00:47
Hi let me know if available send to Malaysia.Pm ready by Paypal.

19th December 2010, 15:08
Hello, postage is standart 7.99 british pound . But i can't use paypal. Moneybookers.com or bank transfer only.

21st December 2010, 13:08
does this fit inside the falcon and can I use it on a falcon ? I think I could replace the existing hard drive with this maybe ?

21st December 2010, 13:39
No , it is for atari ST,TT,mega ST not for Falcon.

22nd December 2010, 00:04
ready to roll let me knw full info.

20th January 2011, 02:54
Second in line for interest. My moneybookers account is all ready to go Zaxon. By the way, the NetUSBee you sold me goes great with my Falcon/CT-63/CTPCI. I will use this Ultrasatan (IF I get it) with my STe.

21st January 2011, 12:56
Zahrinishak and TheRogue, sorry for delay, i have Ultrasatans in stock (i made it) so contact me on pm about pyment details please.

25th February 2011, 11:07
Hi zaxon,
Do you have these in stock now and are they compatible with Mega STE?


25th February 2011, 11:56
Yes in stock, ready to post in tuesday, it is compatibile with mega.

25th February 2011, 15:05
Zaxon! i purchased from you 6 months ago ultraSATAn from another site (http://atariarea.krap.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=121859#p121859)
i sent you few emails and then contacted you via PM on here and the other site... package still not received and you are not replying to messages.

25th February 2011, 17:08
Right, my fault, usatan posted today via royal mail first class recorded, tracking number is RJ334252474GB to Australia, also i add full netusbee card free as apologise (card is worth 55 pound so i hope be ok). Sorry again.

26th February 2011, 14:50
PM Sent

4th March 2011, 12:07
Usatan posted to Coley.

7th March 2011, 08:09
ladies and gents,
i purchased uSatan from Zaxon on another site. i received it today with netusbee. Zaxon, your level of professionalism is outstanding! the boards are put together with very high level of attention and craftsmanship.

i recommend his work to anyone who wishes to expand his Atari ST and XL\XE. i can only hope Zaxon will venture out into C64 and of course Amiga hardware expansions!

thank you Zaxon!

8th March 2011, 21:01
I received my Ultrasatan yesterday and everything is great, thanks zaxon!

10th March 2011, 17:58
PM Sent -- great news that you can take google checkout now. Moneybookers doesn't work for us in the U.S., so I've been just waiting for ways to send you money :)

14th March 2011, 11:05
Hi Zaxon,

Just Pm'ed ya about one of these m8 as interested in purchasing one.

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14th March 2011, 21:06
Payment sent zaxon :)

17th March 2011, 07:15

My SH204 just blew up (cap in the PSU, lots of smelly smoke out of the back - yuk)
I'm going to fix it, but, thought one of these might make life easier...

Do you still have some available?


10th June 2011, 13:06
Hi all

I am in France and Want to buy UltraSatan ? How to do it ?
Is it possible to pay with PAYPAL ?

Thanks to reply me :=)

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Is it possible to pay in Euro in place of POUND ?

10th June 2011, 21:08
Pm sent, is still aviable.

28th November 2011, 10:03

Is it still for sale ? :)

6th December 2011, 18:38
Sorry to neCro this. Still available? :-)

9th January 2012, 22:43
Pending resolution of issues concerning the OP, this thread is closed.