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20th November 2008, 20:25
User Guide to Getting your A1200 on a wireless network.

1. The best advice I can give is to buy EasyNet from Amigakit for £11.00 including delivery.

2. Ensure you have a compatible Prism2 network card, i.e. Netgear 401.

3. Before you start, ensure you have your routerís IP address, your subnet address, and give your Amiga an IP address slightly higher than your routerís IP (helpful hint: your SSID is usually your routerís name. You can find this by entering your router IP in your PC browser).

4. Go to Aminet and download the Prism2 drivers.

5. Boot up your A1200 and install the Prism2 drivers.

6. Plug in your network card.

7. Install EasyNet and literally follow the on-screen prompts.

8. Ensure that your user-startup has the line :

C:SetPrism2Defaults SSID _your SSID_ KEY _Your WEP Key

(double check this as this is the part that caught me out!)

These are the steps I followed to get online with my A1200. I hope this little guide saves you some of the heartache and grief I suffered!

All the best

20th November 2008, 21:01
Just this evening I have been fiddling with setting up my wireless on my 1200, using identical steps (and hardware) that you mention.
My card is a Netgear 401, My EasyNet CD arrived this morning and everything is as you have set up.

The only difference is mine doesn't work! Bah.

When I click to connect I get an error message insisting that I must have AmiTCPIP version 3 or later installed.
I have, it's a bit frustrating.
Off to do it some damage. :evil:

20th November 2008, 21:04
yeah i had that as well, turned out to be an incorrect ip address config, are you sure you have your routers ip?

20th November 2008, 21:30
Off to check, the IP address' are good, I'm thinking maybe an incorrect WEP entry.

20th November 2008, 21:35
and you put the WEP number in your user-startup?
P.S aren't you Zetr0's m8?

20th November 2008, 23:14
Yep SSID and WEP both there,
I may have to call on big Z to have a look. My head hurts. :(

Off to have a blast on Burnout on my PSP :twisted:

21st November 2008, 06:53

LOL, burnout is awesome, and on psp its netable :D oh yes!!!

your more than welcome to bring you rig over m8y :)

btw you comming over tonight for curry? you know its good for you!!! :D

21st November 2008, 18:54
Does anyone have a list of all compatible wireless cards for the A1200?

@ JuvUK

Would you mind me using your quick guide on the new classicamiga Wiki as the basis for a guide on how to setup a wireless network on the A1200? I would obviously give you a credit with a link back from the page to this topic.

21st November 2008, 19:35
please feel free m8, in fact i'd be honoured 8)

21st November 2008, 19:39
Manufacturer Product Speed Connectors PCMCIA Type Chip Amiga CNet Device V1.9 Linux M68k/APUS 2.4.20 NetBSD amiga 1.6.2 Notes
3com all NO
3C589 / 3C562D / 3C563D 10MBit RJ-45 3C589 Only with 3c589.lha NO NO (6) e.g. DELL 10Mbit DF63C589D
4lan EP100 10MBit BNC & RJ-45 OK OK OK relabled ZONET
Abocom Apollo RE450CT OK
Accton EN2212 NO
EN2216 OK OK
EN2228 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 (?) NO NO NO DUT
ActionTec FastNet PE-200 NO (1)
Allnet ALL0140 10MBit BNC & RJ-45 OK OK
ALL0142+ 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 (?) OK (6,7) OK (6,7) NO (6)
Ambicon AMB8002T OK * * = experimental/alpha in 1.4
Anycom ECO 10/100MBit RJ-45 DL10022 NO (1) NO (1) NO
Argosy EN210BT OK
Arowana Ethernet PCMCIA 10MBit OK
Belkin 10/100MBit DUT
Claxan CL-FE1000 10/100MBit DL10022 NO (1) NO (1) NO relabled Level One 10/100
CNet CN40(BC) 10MBit BNC (& RJ45) OK OK OK
Singlepoint 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 OK (6,7) OK (6,7) NO (6) PN 18-1B-F301, SN starting with ACV, relabled AmbiCom AMB8110
Singlepoint 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 (?) NO NO NO PN 88-OP-CEN200-AF, SN starting with AW, relabled BILLIONTON SYSTEMS, INC., DUT
CNF301 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 (?) NO NO NO DUT
Compaq 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO NO NO no TP-Link
CompuShack Baseline 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO (1) NO (5) NO no TP-Link, Activity LED always on
DLink DE-650 DL10022 NO NO
DE-660 NO (1) OK ? * * = with patches
DE-660+ (plus) YES should OK ? should
DE-670 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 (?) YES
DFE-670TXD OK (8)
DynaLink L10C Combo Ethernet Adapter OK relabeld ABOCOM SYSTEMS
DRP-16CT 10MBit BNC & RJ-45 OK
Edimax EP-4000A OK
Elta Medi 8645NK 10MBit RJ-45 OK OK E=m*c^2
E=m*c^2 10/100MBit RJ-45 ? 8390 ? OK (6,7) OK (6,7) NO (6) relabled Zonet
Fiberline FL-4680 OK OK OK relabled Abocom
FE1600 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO (1) NO NO
Genius ME3000II(SE) 10MBit BNC & RJ45 OK OK OK (3)
Gericom Fast Ethernet 10/100MBit RJ-45 DL10022 NO (1) NO (5) NO no TP-Link, but Activity & Link LED always on, relabled Level One 10/100
Grey Cell Systems Ethernet Gold Card OK
3400 ethernet v.34 fax modem card 10MBit RJ-45 NO
Hydra Systems Amiganet BNC Only with hydrapcm.device NO NO relabled IBM CCEA(3)
IBM CreditCard Ethernet Adapter II 10MBit BNC NO NO NO
IC Card Ethernet NO (1) NO (1) NO (1)
Intel EtherExpress PRO 10/100 10/100MBit RJ48 NO
KingMax Technology NE2000 comp. PCMCIA Card V4.1 OK
EN10-T2 R01 NO
KTI PF-16i 10/100 10/100MBit RJ45 AX88x90 (?) OK (6,7) OK (6,7) NO (6) relabled Cameo
LanPro NE2000 comp. OK
Level One EPC-0100TB 10MBit BNC & RJ45 I, II, III OK OK looks like Edimax
FPC-0100TX 10/100MBit RJ-45 DL10022 NO (1) NO NO (1)
LG LPNC-10 10MBit RJ-45 OK OK OK
LinkMate RE-450CT OK
Linksys EC2T 10MBit BNC & RJ45 II OK
PCMPC 100 EtherFast NO (1)
LongShine ShineNet LCS-8538 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO (1) NO (1) NO
Megahertz all NO
Microcomputer Research Inc MrEthernet 10MBit BNC & RJ45 OK
Micronet SP-122 OK
SP-125 OK
Netax 1200 OK
NetGear FA411 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 OK (6,7) OK (6,7) NO (6) partly relabled Cameo
FA410 10/100MBit RJ-45 OK (7) NO (1) OK
New Media Corporation LiveWire Plus PCnet-ISA II NO
Ovislink Ethernet OK
LS-PCM 10MBit BNC & RJ-45 OK OK (Vers. B)
Pine Ethernet OK
Planet ENW-3502 10MBit BNC & RJ45 OK
ENW-3502F 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO (1)
Planex FNW-3600-T 10/100MBit NO (1
Pretec Ethernet PC Card 10MBit RJ-45 OK
PSION Dacom Gold Card 10MBit BNC & RJ45 II OK *) OK *) *) TP only
RPTI nv401 NE2k OK
Skyport FE1000 10/100MBit RJ-45 DL10019 NO (1) NO (1) NO relabled Planex FNW-3600T, extremely slow (0.7 MBit)
SMC EtherEZ PC Card 8020BT/T NO
Socket Communications I-Card AAA-1001 OK
ND5100-E 10MBit BNC & RJ45 OK
Surecom EP-427(T) OK OK
EP-527 OK
Synergy 21 S21810+ 10/100MBit RJ-45 OK (6,7) OK (6,7) NO relabled Bromax Communications, Ltd.
Tamarack Microelectronics Ethernet PCMCIA Card OK
TARGET Ethernet 10MBit OK
100M fast Ethernet PC Card NO/Yes (2)
TopLink ZK-TL5200 10MBit NO relabled Linkpro
TRENDnet TE100-PC16R DL10022 NO
TE202 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO (1) NO (1) NO relabled Level One 10/100
Trust 100MB Network PC-Card Art. 11567 10/100MBit RJ-45 DL10022A NO NO Cardinfo works
Typhoon 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO (1) NO (1) NO
WLinx FE1x00 Fast Ethernet 10/100MBit RJ-45 AX88x90 NO NO NO
Xircom all NO
33k6 modem&eth10/100 10/100MBit RJ-45 NO/Yes (2)
Zonet ZEN 1010 & 1011 10MBit RJ45 (11: & BNC) OK OK OK

(1) = Freezes System during plug in time
(2) = reported to work as well as reported not to work
(3) = Gayle-Reset-fix required
(4) = according to the cnet device compatibility list
(5) = not recognized as ethernet card by driver
(6) = AmigaOS: requires cnet16.device (V1.9b1) - Linux: requires kernel patches mentioned ahead - NetBSD: missing software support
(7) = AmigaOS: Card-Reset or equivalent required; some cards need a reset time up to 3 seconds - Linux: 100 MBit patches for the linux kernels introduce a card reset every time the kernel module is loaded.
(8) = AmigaOS: problems with MAC address, currently there is only support for one device per network

all this hard work was done by GMB

in fact just go here http://www.g-mb.de/pcmcia_e.html

hope this helps, JuvUK

7th June 2011, 11:43
Does anyone have a list of all compatible wireless cards for the A1200?

I'm sure you found a card in two and a half years, but a list might still be useful to others...

I made an overview of wlan cards supported by prism2.device.
See attached excel file.