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24th November 2008, 13:00
I was chatting with Zetr0 about this the other day and said I would post some piccys.

It is a WebWedge, origionally running W2K untill HDU failed, so I was thinking about using it for a hack - possibly with an A600.

12" Touch Screen, Microphone at bottom, Card Swipe above...


Handset has Microphone and speaker, also Barcode Reader?..


Has 2 decent stereo speakers..


The Back has 2 x USB, Parallel, Power, PS2, VGA, Serial, Network, Handset socket(Network??)..




Its footprint is 285mm x by 285mm

Any comments etc appreciated, or what would you do with it.

24th November 2008, 13:47
Hmmm... I take it this is a POS (Point of Sale, not the other meaning :lol: ) device. The only thing I can find on it is a reference to it on this site http://www.cinteractive.co.uk/.

Are the sockets on the back RJ11 or RJ45? I presume getting drivers for it could be an issue, unless you are replacing the main board.

How about the Ultimate MSN and Skype phone?

24th November 2008, 14:02
Yep Merlin it is an EPOS unit.

Drivers shouldn't really be a big issue for it as the Mobo probably carries a stock chipset.

So what i would do is.....

1) install a new HDU (obviously)
2) Re-install W2K or XP Tablet edition if the Hardware can take it.
3) USB Wireless Dongle
4) MSN & Skype as Merlin sugested
5) WinUAE & KG's WHDLoad Packs.
6) Any other Emulator that takes your fancy ... BBC, Acorn etc

7) Enjoy.

I think trying to retrofit an A600 maybe a bit of a nightmare esp if the display is being driven directly by onboard connector. Even if not scandoubling etc.. to much of a headache.

TC :mrgreen: