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15th November 2010, 20:26
Since I'm doing a deal with tokyoracer about the A7000 and thus had a bit of a revival with cleaning up and testing my hardware, I thought it is time for some pictures! After four days of rain and darkness here in Belgium, we had a little bit of sunshine so I took out my camera and snapped!


Some details:
Risc PC 600 StrongArm running at 297Mhz and 256 ram and 1mb video ram. 500mb conner hard drive and 20GB seagate connected to the web. RISCOS 4 in roms running Select2i3 softloaded. Surfing amibay using netsurf :bowdown:. An awesome browser.

A7000 ARM7 running at 33mhz 36mb ram. RISCOS 4 in roms running Select2i3 softloaded. Excellent for risc os games.

15th November 2010, 20:28
Nice RISC PC my friend, Netsurf is quite good isn't it.

TC :thumbsup:

15th November 2010, 22:46
Having recently started playing around with my 3020, I have a renewed interest in these machines.
I regret not spending a little more time checking the RISC PC's out at Retro Reunited. There were some very similar setups there as I remember.

That's a very pair of systems you have there. :)