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24th November 2008, 14:50
Ladies and Gentlemen
I have an amiga 4000 motherboard that someone could probably use more than I am doing right now :D . The good news is that it's working, the bad news is that there are some known faults. Rather than buying a useless lump off ebay with "sold as seen", at least you know exactly what you're getting here!

Known faults:
- Battery has leaked and been removed.
- RTC circuit is damaged as the RTC is not recognised.
- mouse connector seems to be strange - need to lift end of mouse connector up for mouse to work properly, suggesting a contact issue.
- sound capacitors have leaked. Not tested sound, but will do.

Good stuff:
+ board works.
+ CPU connector works
+ zorro connector work (can include daughtercard if you need it)

Supplied with 2MB of chip memory and kickstart 3.0. No processor card

I mailed Anthony Hoffman quite some time ago and he reckons he can fix all of this for a reasonable price, including postage!

Photos to be added tonight.

First 50 quid ( + P&P at cost) takes it.

Will post anywhere on receipt of cleared UK funds, or anywhere providing Paypal seller protection applies if you wish to pay with paypal :D , which appears to be UK, USA and Canada only :( .

24th November 2008, 15:07

Good luck with the sale my friend.

I eagerly look forward to the after dinner hardware pr0n tonight :wink:


24th November 2008, 15:14
Thanks TC :D

So... Should I be getting out the macro lens for the shots tonight then? Ya like it close up, eh?

24th November 2008, 15:23
I'm partial to taking in the beauty as a whole,,,, as well as right close up !!!!

nuff said on that one. :lol:

TC :mrgreen:

Kin Hell
24th November 2008, 16:56
Zetr0 really really really really loves close ups! - I expect he already has the runny honey on standby! :mrgreen:

24th November 2008, 17:33
Aye as long as ole Zeets doesn't start using my supply of the runny stuff :mrgreen:

25th November 2008, 16:20
Where's the moderators to keep this on topic, eh? ;)

90 quid is too much really. 50 quid is more like it.

First 50 quid ( + P&P at cost) takes it.

Pics soon.

25th November 2008, 17:36
Where's the moderators to keep this on topic, eh? ;)

90 quid is too much really. 50 quid is more like it.

First 50 quid ( + P&P at cost) takes it.

Pics soon.


You know what they say my friend "All work & no play..."
Anyway you started me off with talk of close ups :lol:

Seriously I await those photos mate because with the price drop i may well be tempted.

TC :mrgreen:

4th March 2009, 22:13
I should know better because of the date, but if this is still forsale I'm interested for £XXXX.

Kin Hell
4th March 2009, 23:39
Woa! :shock:

Everyone please THINK about their posts where talking money amounts.

You should all know better that, "Moneh" - .....Is discussed via PM only!

@ chiark

It's always best to Edit your First Post Price change rather than do it way down a thread. Not everyone bothers to read the stuff inbetween!

Thanks all!


/...."Freddie Star Adolf Hitler walk" to exit.....

5th March 2009, 00:11
Here is a pic of the a4000 with the batt and rtc chip removed
I removed the ic earlier today
the machine works but does not keep time/date (naturally)

/ All members please note this picture is not of chiark's Motherboard.
Thanks TC :wink:

5th March 2009, 02:57

Need to fix a Toaster/Flyer High-Flyer 4000D. What is the postage costs to Brazil?

5th March 2009, 22:20
rkauer, will check it out and get back to you. Sorry, I know you'd asked me before...

7th May 2010, 20:37
I know it's been such a long time, but seeing as this is not a closed thread, and no visible purchaser mentioned, is this board still available? Thanks!

EDIT: Forgot to mention that jut in case, i'm interested.. :-)

8th May 2010, 21:44
This went ages ago... I ended up splitting out my 4000 (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=3430) - Closing!

8th May 2010, 22:05
In fact, this particular motherboard is sat in my office at work, ready to be posted for repair :-)

9th May 2010, 00:57
Then as the party pooper: Should this hardware pr0n thread be closed? :)