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24th November 2010, 06:13
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24th November 2010, 06:26
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I am not sure such a cable existed. I know some external drives had a connector on the back so you could add another drive to the chain. But I have never seen a cable like the one you describe.

24th November 2010, 07:10
i have 3 externals for my 500 and that is exactly how they work..they chain off each other.....each drive has a cable and a connector...

24th November 2010, 10:33
hmmm, I would have thought at least one of your external drives would have a through port? Simply plug the one without into the back of the one that does? CPU > DF1 > DF2

as T_Hairy_Bootson is saying

If there was such a cable it would have some interface built into the plug that simply acts as a dual throughport I would think also...

24th November 2010, 11:36
I have never heard of a cable such as this iether

so time to get some floppy drives with thru conector

24th November 2010, 14:23
thank you for the replys. ill check the rear of each drive. but im sure theres no connection on the rear of each drive.

the cable by the way is not to diffrent from what we add harddrives to IDE cable but with the connectors for the drives to connect to. have seen numerous posts and quotes about it all over the web. but thank you guys for moving the thread and replying..

24th November 2010, 14:45

Courtesy of Jons thread here http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=9444

The piccy shows the rear of an external floppy drive.

This is the normal way to chain more than one drive together.

Dave G :cool:

19th February 2015, 10:39