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22nd January 2008, 16:40
For some reason, occasionally, when I try and log in, I have to log in twice for it to work..

The 1st time I do it, I appear on the "Active Users" list, but I then have to log in again to actually be logged in properly.

Also.. the "Remember" checkbox doesn't work for me either.

I have already tried clearing my cookies, but no luck. Any ideas?

Also, I generally use this forum at work and it goes through a proxy, not sure if that's gunna be an issue

22nd January 2008, 16:53
As you can log in, this is not a total failure - for which see here. (http://www.amibay.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44)

I think this thread would be better in News and Info for the time being (which is why I've moved it).

Thank you for the report. :)

Ed: updated URL.

22nd January 2008, 16:58
Using a proxy could be increasing the problem. We did have some login issues recently but they were mostly ironed out.

Could you give some more details. What OS and Browser are you using?

22nd January 2008, 23:42
OS is Windows XP SP2, Browser is Internet Explorer 7, proxy server is Squid.

I will try it on a few other browsers when I get into work again on Thursday. (Quite ill 2nite so probably won't be going to work tomorrow)

23rd January 2008, 08:15
I have the same problem on both Virgin and BT servers, it's like the cookies have broken again. I am also using IE7 and cleared cookies over the weekend, I will try Firefox tonight and see if that's any different.


23rd January 2008, 08:29
I have been using Netscape for ages now, personally i think IE7 and above is fundamentally broken.

23rd January 2008, 11:24
I use Firefox and Opera for all of my browsing, and only touch IE and Safari for testing purposes.

AmiBay hasn't had any login issues for me in either Firefox or Opera. And I've been creating test accounts, logging in and out of them all, and have had no login issues at all.

I will test it out with IE and Safari today and check it is all working for those, but I see no reason why it wouldn't

I've checked the cookie settings again and they are all correct for AmiBay, so that isn't the problem. Only other issues that could be causing such behaviour are proxy servers holding old site code and not releasing it to refresh the current code (especially as recent security upgrades have changed the registration process), or firewalls and other security software on the users connection blocking cookies or other related data transactions.