View Full Version : wanted : mega drive games

28th November 2008, 20:28
hi all
i have a mega drive but no games a bit boring with out games at lest the master system had one built in

thanks james

1st March 2009, 09:41
just a bump im going to bite back and wondering if any one has any of them laying around they dont want anymore


1st March 2009, 13:43
The Sense charity shop had a few in the other day if you find yourself in Nuneaton. I think they were 99p each

If you want a lift to byte back and are stopping the weekend I could pick you up in swad on route from Measham.
So far I think there is only three of us in the car - until I'm told otherwise :)

1st March 2009, 17:58
thanks for that imnogeek but i need to take my car got to take some bits for the rcm and some bits back


2nd March 2009, 00:35

I'd like a lift. You are heading through the States on the way there, right??? :wink: