View Full Version : Closed SOLD!!!!!!!!Toccata Sound card

1st December 2008, 16:00
Asking 65.00 inc. Spain P&P. International shipping is + 10.00
Accept bank transfer and paypal
PayPal fees by the buyer.
photo appear with the vlab motion manuals and floppys

29th December 2008, 02:48
pm sent

29th December 2008, 11:10
pm sent

Regarding What ?????. :?

That you have a question?, request technical info or that you want to buy the card.

Simple Lazy posts like this do not in anyway state you have expressed interest in the item for sale. In line with Amibay rules if someone posted now to say "Want to buy, PM sent" they would tchnically be first in the queue.

Cmon guys just take an extra 10 Seconds out & post something meaningfull that keeps everyone in the loop.

TC :roll: