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4th December 2010, 18:28
Just what your Saturday evening was lacking, I know there'll be plenty of Z-Factor and Strictly go whatever, but what you really want is Hardware Pr0n, right? Yep... So here it is :cool:

I don't intend to use this with the Mediator full time, it'll be more ideal for another project at some point but I was given the opportunity to grab one at a reasonable price so took it :D

I didn't fit the Heatsinks/Fan yet as I had to slide it behind the Mediator, not ideal I know but I only ran for a few minutes to see if it was working. Proper cooling will be applied before proper use.

This awesome bit of kit must have been way ahead of its time compared to the giant Zorro Graphics Card.

And a very big thank you to mfilos for helping with the Workbench install, you rock :thumbsup:







4th December 2010, 18:57
Oh now look what you made me do!

4th December 2010, 19:17
The BPPC+BVPPC combo is for sure one of the sexiest Amiga hardware ever made... :inlove:

Back in 1998 when i got my BVPPC it was amazing (IIRC I got it just in time for christmas, yep December 22nd it says on the original receipt, 235 Euro it cost)...
Going from AGA to RTG was like a dream back then :cool:

4th December 2010, 19:25
Clean up on aisle 3!!

:oops: :lol:

4th December 2010, 22:28
Orsome bro! \o/

5th December 2010, 09:04
I love your background on screen. Did you make it yourself or is it online somewhere?

5th December 2010, 09:17

It was on my partition copy that I gave to Steve along with some other Wallpapers I managed to gather over the years.

It's available somewhere but there's no need to search :)

There you go...

5th December 2010, 09:35
much obliged!

5th December 2010, 12:13
Thanks again for everything Marios :yourock:

I've got the CGX screens setup on my TV that I use on the A1200 normally and it was surprisingly simple. And for the first time I've seen that TV with a workbench of 1024x768 (no matter what I do Picasso96 always has the wrong vertical sync)

The TV's native res is 1280x768 so I'll be trying that out later :D

Awesome stuff again. I'm well chuffed with the BVision and CGX.


5th December 2010, 17:36


5th December 2010, 20:18

That's just AWESOME Steve! :) You're right, its just what I need right now (I'm sat on PC whilst wifey dear is watching "that program" with an X in it). :D

5th December 2010, 21:12
Thanks buddy. Hope you have the same success with yours.