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5th December 2010, 22:11
Found this site http://www.retroconsolepics.com/ the guy has taken some great photos

5th December 2010, 22:42
Hey Gaz - nice link. They're actually really very good! I like the crossfade he has on the home screen. Cheers mate :thumbsup:


6th December 2010, 23:49
Hiya mate, yeah there's some great photos. I like the next gen vs old gen style photos.

7th December 2010, 16:05
Really nice photos there, I like the design of the site too, thanks :thumbsup:

7th December 2010, 17:47
The pics are nice, but there a lot of room for improvement. I think the creator is a starter or unadviced.

I do like some shots and the site is great.:thumbsup:

7th December 2010, 18:33
For someone who obviously thinks so highly of his photography skills, the least he could do is find the macro button.

And maybe check wikipedia, what's this "the" amiga?

8th December 2010, 14:12
Thats it, my workday is over :lol:

8th December 2010, 15:43
some great pics in there, i took some similar ones not too long ago for the R3Play charity calendar, let me know what you think to them, my fave is the game and watch controller button close up, please bear in mind that i am not photographer or anything


8th December 2010, 19:23
Just checked your ones out and actually think yours are better. Captured the machines better in general :)


8th December 2010, 19:54
I know it is not an easy job and long ago i tried a C64 but throwed every pic out because I did not like the composition.

Anyhow I like yours better, but noticed some points. i am not a proff fotographer - but I do every year hobby exposition for a club, and we have photographers so I have a very strict eye on technices and composition after many years of being failed at first years by jury. So i might be overstrict when it comes to that, looking to much at the image.

Here are some unselected works by several members:

http://cultcrapcollective.posterous.com/ just use the numbers below because it is all in dutch.

if you like some positive building up criticism let me know and I take time to type some stuff tomorrow.

I'll probably have a go myself soon at it. i realise it won't be perfect as well, have some headstart but it is not easy.

Ps: there is one photographer who likes minimalism on clothes if you are persistent

8th December 2010, 20:35
some great pics in there, i took some similar ones not too long ago for the R3Play charity calendar, let me know what you think to them, my fave is the game and watch controller button close up, please bear in mind that i am not photographer or anything


I particularly like the NES advantage pictures, very nice. :)

9th December 2010, 17:51
/Zetr0 thinks of changing the status tag of r0jaws to Ami-Nintendo-Bay fanboi


These picture are top quality - worth of some nice retro-desktop-wallpaper or even some mouse-mats!

9th December 2010, 18:09
I like it, and it's true. :D

9th December 2010, 19:46
glad that you guys like the pics i took, when i get a spare hour i may do some more, see if i can get any better. My other half is much better than me, she was meant to take the pics for the calendar, i just grabbed the camera as she was busy giving breakfast for our baby.

wish i hadnt have sold the tiger r-zone, would loved to have put that on my cats head and taken a pic :D

9th December 2010, 19:59
Just checked your ones out and actually think yours are better. Captured the machines better in general :)


No offence, but the presentation on that site is way better. However "the essence of the machines" are better preserved in the generic picdump, the beauty of them are way better portrayed on the site the OP linked to.

But photography is one of my three major hobbies. And I work for an advertising agency, so presentation is something I value by trade.

9th December 2010, 20:10
I know what you mean about presentation and yes I agree to that but for me the actual photographs themselves (by Bobpard) are better and capture the machines better (and given your trade I would think you would agree - art is subjective but I also admit that presentation influences the subjectivity). I'm an ex Graphic Artist and was doing digital design when folk were still creating plates from film so I'm well aware how the presentation of digital media can enhance the subject no end. It's almost like a good painting becomes a great painting with the correct frame - you know?

I think a combination of Bobpard's photo's with the presentation of the OP's link would move the original post from being great to excellent.



9th December 2010, 22:04
Found your site via some webstats on my site. Was seeing this site as a referrer and found this thread. I run the retoroconsolepics website.

Firstly thanks for all the comments. Good, bad or indifferent I enjoy reading the debate. Although I sell prints on the site I do this for fun. It doesn't make any money. Lets me marry up two interests - photography and what's now called retro consoles/video games. God I feel old!

Was interesting to see the site is Amiga focused. I'm an ex demo/games assembly coder. Worked on some commercial stuff and a lot of more techy stuff like copy protection systems, sound drivers and all. Amiga hardware was just years ahead of it's time and my work on those machines was probably the most enjoyable coding work I've ever done.

Enjoyed seeing the other photography links. Some nice pictures there. As has been mentioned, viewing these pictures is very much objective. If you want to capture a shot that conveys what the machine is like as an entire unit then that's a very different thing from making something that's just nice to look at. If you can combine both then great but more often than not you're focusing on just the key bits and saying everything else is just noise.

Anyway, I digress. Point of this was to say hello, thanks to those who commented and wish everyone the best.

Totally unrelated comment. I still have old professional cross development Amiga kit. Specifically, a Psygnosis SNASM and a prototype PDS board. Years old and around 1800 I think when I bought them. I'll probably get round to selling them on the site at some point. Think I've still got the documentation, makes for kinda interesting reading and I'd be happy to share it with anyone who wants it when I finally get round to scanning it!


9th December 2010, 22:28
Hiyas Bill

welcome to AmiBay =D

Great to read you as ex-scene member - how small is this world at times !? =D

I have to admit I did enjoy reviewing your work, infact quite a bit, I think theres a couple of shots that would make an amazing Canvas - perhaps even a double canvas..

I cannot lie that I am drawn to both the Amiga and the Zx80 shots =D

Now, lets talk desktop wallpaper, mouse-mats and bed-sheets *hehe*

9th December 2010, 22:31
Sinclair Spectrum duvet covers, why don't these already exist?

9th December 2010, 22:42
It would be soooo cool if the duvet was the keyboard out of say a Zx48k and then the bottom sheet was a print of the motherboard!!!!


could do that with an A500 as well...

then for the double duvet one could look at an A4000 or even A2000 ...... sigh.... perhaps to cool for skool methinks =(

9th December 2010, 22:52
Sinclair Spectrum duvet covers, why don't these already exist?

think there must be a market for that, i would love a speccy duvet cover, not too sure the missus would though :lol:

also wanted to say welcome to the forum to retroconsolepics too, love the work

9th December 2010, 22:54
Sinclair Spectrum duvet covers, why don't these already exist?

I would love a double duvet cover with a floating A1000, monitor, keyboard and mouse on white.

Hi Bill, I particualrly liked your "zoomed in" images, showing sections of machines and slowly panning. I appreciate people think the images aren't sharp enough or have a strange composition technically, but I look at it in a more artistic way and appreciate the abstract nature of some of the images. nice! :thumbsup:

BTW, maybe you can take more Amiga pics? :D Also you might want to make the audio playing for each machine set fade into the next a little instead of simply cutting off and playing the next game tune. And add game music for all machines. Thats the only real gripe I had when watching your slide show.

Cheers! :)

9th December 2010, 23:45
Lol guys - I'll tell you what would make a good duvet cover - the QL!

Go for it - I can sense a group buy coming on... Imogeek - where are you in this mate - you seem to be able to do this stuff!


10th December 2010, 12:48
I'm liking the idea of duvet covers and things. Maybe a wee business venture in there. Trouble is it'll all be thirty something's buying them and the WAG's might object! Women - no sense of humour.

I've got loads of shots of canvases, posters etc. made of these pics. Was going to post some but I don't want this being an advert. It's more fun chewing the fat with likeminded folk. I've been lucky enough to get some orders from the likes of the BBC - triptych images spread over 3 canvases look gorgeous with the right subject.

Did do some shots of other stuff Jay Miner was involved with so there's some Atari 800/Lynx pics in there. Only Amiga guys would see the link you can see the same DNA running through all this kit. Great stuff.

Couple of quickies:

Phiscube - Agree with you, the pics are intentionally abstract. I'm very purposely blurring out the unimportant bits to lead the eye to the key areas.

Amiga pics - Yup, did a CD32 as well. Attached a pic with some other stuff, will upload some others to my profile and update the site when I get a chance.

Audio - Intention was to get a recognisable popular tune for each machine but combination of it being hard for some machines and running out of time meant, well... I couldn't be arsed. :) Cross fading is actually pretty involved to do in a web app like this so that would be nice but will never happen.

Wallpaper - If anyone wants a wallpaper image of anything on the site PM me with the resolution you need. No charge. Offer as a thanks for all the feedback.

Images - Still have a couple of Amiga tech. books on my shelf. Anyone remember these?!

Overal it was a really interesting project. Started as something I called 'tech porn' - was more gadgety but evolved into this. By the end it can become quite hard to view a large collection of these things with excitement. There's only so much you can do to make these small lumps of plastic look good. Some of the machines themselves design wise are awful.

10th December 2010, 12:58
Posted a few more Amiga related pics. More a nostalgia trip than arty pics...


10th December 2010, 13:16

would you be interested in doing "artistic" shots of some of the more "custom" machines that are on here?

cheers, JuvUK

10th December 2010, 13:31
LOL Justin - sound's like you are asking for shots of the machines in the buff hehe :D