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Kin Hell
8th December 2008, 17:56
This board has a fault. Sometimes it sees the 4Mb of ram, most times, it doesn't.

With the Ram off the Board, it never shows a fault so it appears to be an issue with the board seeing it's ram.
Since the Pic was taken, it is now fitted with v8.5 ROM.

There is a damaged Capacitor on the back of the board, but I have it on good authority that this would not be the problem re the board seeing the Ram or not. There might be a missing pad & the soldering isn't me btw! :roll:

I'm asking 40.00 including UK Shipping.



Kin Hell
8th December 2008, 21:24

When the board sees 4Mb of Ram, it will not see anything over 4Mb despite 8Mb, 12Mb or 16Mb of 1Mb Simms installed.

When the board is fitted with 16 x 4Mb modules totalling 64mb, only 48Mb is seen! :?
When fitted with 48Mb, it's all ok! - but when it works!?
Same with 32Mb & 16mb! - - but when it works!?

It's a complete head-fk for me tbh & is probably repairable being intermittent. I just don't want to re-heat that mess on the board. The guy that did attempt this repair locally for me is not on my Christmas card list! - That's for sure! :roll:

But it's not doing anything different for his handiwork! :?

8th December 2008, 23:58
if you want m8y, I can fix that solder job and replace that cap over my christmas hols m8y :D

for the cost of postage m8y... :D

9th December 2008, 00:08
I think i wil also replace that 220 ohm resistor too.

Kin Hell
9th December 2008, 00:39
The guy doing the job was honest enough to admit there wasn't a Pad left to solder to. Originally, the card looked like this:


It's difficult to see from the pic, but the cap is sliced off across it's length, so I'd be guessing the impact to cause that would have fux0rd the pad in the process!? - Hence his blobby effort. :shock:

When I got it back & he only re-er-wroked it with no Miggy to test; it showed the 4Mb of ram first plug. When I put another 4mb on the board, it red screened from cold boot showing a faulty card in the early Startup Screen. I took the extra 4mb off leaving 4mb & it red screened again!
Took all the ram off, it works as a SCSI Controller.
Put the 4mb on, it red screened. Put another 4mb on again, it booted & only showed 4mb. Tried 12Mb, red screen again.......

Kin Hell
9th December 2008, 14:27
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