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23rd January 2008, 14:41
As it says..

Elbox "Fast EIDE" / Power Flyer 1200 For sale.

Asking £35 + Postage (£3 in the UK)


£50 (+ £3 UK postage) if you want Kickstart 3.1 (for A1200) included with it, otherwise these may be sold seperately later

19th February 2008, 00:53
Which version of the Fast ATA board is the one you have for sale, does it include the manual and software for it, and which version of the software is it you have ?

19th February 2008, 10:46
It's either a MKI or a MKII... No manual (Lost in the depths of time) and I'll have to find out what software version I have for it...

24th March 2008, 13:12
Can it be upgraded to III i have a dead III here and would like a working one "swapping the chips?". Thats were yours seems to come to interest-...

How do I find out which FastATA controller version I have?

The first two digits of its serial number denote the controller model:
• 08 - FastATA 1200 MK-I
• 16 - FastATA 1200 Lite (16-bit version)
• 18 - FastATA 1200 MK-I with AllegroCDFS
• 19 - FastATA 1200 GOLD with AllegroCDFS
• 24 - FastATA 1200 MK-II with AllegroCDFS

27th July 2010, 18:42
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