View Full Version : Closed FS: A500 fully boxed with original contents

23rd January 2008, 16:18
original boxed a500 with original books and disks, mouse, power supply and modulator.

25 + P&P

i'm in southwest uk

23rd January 2008, 16:43
Can you provide any more information about the A500?

Which kickstart version does it have? 1.2 or 1.3
Does it have a 512K trap door expansion? (1MB total ram?)

Also have you tested it? Does it work and boot disks OK?


23rd January 2008, 16:47
Its 1.3 rom and has the half meg expanion with RTC, battery is in good condition on the exansion.

its yellowed but works perfectly including the disk drive.

20th April 2008, 17:41
Did you sell this unit yet. :?: