View Full Version : Suitable PC tower for A4000D?

14th December 2008, 21:13
Anything to look at? I currently have an old Mikronik tower, which is not in good condition, so i've been thinking about replacing it with something nice.

17th December 2008, 14:03
I'm currently busy modding a Micronik tower. The outside is pretty bad (yellowed plastic front with parts missing, and a scratched top/side cover, but the inside is rock solid.

If you can still use the bare bones of the tower I'd suggest you keep those, it saves you a hell of a lot of time hack(saw)ing the backside and mainboard mounting points into a peecee case.. You just need some creativity in making new outside parts (I'm thinking of using brushed aluminium and some mesh grill stuff myself at this moment, but my ideas are most likely to change again :-D)

17th December 2008, 20:00
I think the only usable part from my tower is the back panel, at least the part which has holes for the motherboard etc. Shouldn't be bad to cut it and use it at the PC tower, only thing is that it needs a big box :) I'm thinking about Antec's P180b, which i have used to build up my PC. Maybe something else, i'm not scared about the cutting, but maybe just that back panel part is the only one needed to replace. Challenging it is, but not impossible :)