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31st December 2010, 17:11
Selling my electron

A little yellowed I think- but I can't recall how yellow they were in the 1980's, for all I know it's as good a colour as it was when new:) The pic's more yellow than it is in real life.

Comes with a programs tape, original vgc manual and it's psu. Still got the protective clip on edge connector and all keys work

Very Tatty polys.

monitor not included!

10 paypal only please.

Uk preferred. Buyer pays postage at cost, expected c 6 or 7 in uk.

Ps! ive been using an mp3 player and a cable to load in cassette 'images'. Works perfectly, I can give a few weblinks to the windows app to convert cassette images to wav's and the cassette port pinouts are in the manual. simples IMHO :D

31st December 2010, 17:17
Even better with the piccys :oops:

Dave G :cool:

31st December 2010, 17:38
Interest but would like to see pics :) first

31st December 2010, 21:25
Pics added.

Sorry, wrote it on my iphone but couldnt attach the pics. doh.

5th January 2011, 12:12
what is the shipping cost to Greece?

5th January 2011, 15:42

looks to be about 37 via royal mail, rather more than I expected.

49cm x 24cm x 14cm, 5kg (approx, tbc in a box)

can you or anyone suggest a cheaper/ better courier /shipping method?

I sent a great big box to greece earlier this year and I'm sure it was cheaper than that!

BTW if sending abroad, need an insured service as you or the courier would have to be responsible for it arriving.

Hope someone can help find a lower cost service..

5th January 2011, 19:35
parcel2go offering 26.49 inc vat using parcelforce euro 48 (4 days)

5th January 2011, 19:42
Interest withdrawn, I have got one of these. Thanks.

5th January 2011, 21:21
thanks to imnogeek.

7th January 2011, 00:39
I'm very interested, how much to Portugal please.

9th January 2011, 19:37
Also interested.PM sent in-case it hasn't gone yet.

9th January 2011, 20:39

lojamiga, parcelforce is 20+vat = 24.

However it's not signed for on arrival and appears to be uninsured. I'll obviously give you the tracking number etc so so can see it's been sent. You'll need to accept shipping overseas is at your risk.

That'd 10 + 24 =34 total.

Lurch666 - it'll be 17 delivered using parcelmonkey.co.uk, but lojamiga has 1st shout if the price is Ok for him and the unsigned for / his risk nature of it. (sorry all!)



11th January 2011, 23:46
no reply or pm so pm sent to lurch666

24th January 2011, 21:09
And was finally despatched today, thanks to ups / and no thanks to citilink and parcelmonkey who didn't bother turning up / kept cancelling the order for 3 days on end :(

Hopefully will be with lurch tues or weds :) thanks to him for patience !

25th January 2011, 14:23
UPS Very impressive.Received today (very well packaged) and it's working fine.

Loads of thanks dude!