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12th January 2011, 00:03
Hi folks!

I've been busy the last few days trying to make one good BVision out of two poorly ones. Beware hardcore hardware pr0n alert! :cool: Here are a few pics to show what I did...


Here are the two units, the one to the left is my DOA evilbay jobbie, the one to the right is the known working unit I got from Keith in the hopes of being able to transplant the miniPCI connector over...


As you can see, its not pretty!


Looking through my works 2x zoom lens I clean up the pins.


This is the connector I have to take off... how on earth shall I do it?! ....


Heatgun the sucker! I applied 350 Deg C temps on low airflow for 15 seconds to the other side of the board and......


PLOP! It fell clean off. Not recommended on a working BVision folks!


Cleaning up the pins.


OOH! I noticed something else... a missing cap!


So swiped one off the duff BV :)


Using my bare peeled eyes only to line up the connector on the working board.


Cripes, there is a lot of work to do here...


A quick shot of my humble gear before I get down to the dirty work.


I'm on my way, its not too bad actually! Using 0.2mm solder + tip.


All pins done, now to tackle the broken tracks...


Hmm.. its a bit of a cludge, but I used some small pieces of bent wire. It was a tad fiddly getting a good joint on the old points so took a bit of time fiddling with the tweezers and solder. I got there in the end even if its a little lumply.


Soldering done! Now to laquer....


Masked chip tops and connectors ready for spraying.


The underside.


DING! Good as new! .... but does she work..... ?!



HELL YEAH!!! WOOOO!! Super happy chappie! :D

I just want to thank Keith for helping me out with the spare BV he had kicking around, cheers mate :) and Steve for spending his time totally verifying my old one was indeed a duffer... ta bud! :)

12th January 2011, 00:08
F**K Yeah!!!!

Awesome :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

Sooooo pleased for you mate :thumbsup:

And thanks for the late night pr0n show, well worth staying up for :D

12th January 2011, 00:30
Not much to say except that...

Outstanding piece of work that most of times leads to headbanging on the wall.

That was indeed a nice piece of artwork pr0n just before I go to bed.

12th January 2011, 01:11

I am both very humbled and joyous of the work you have done on this...

Congratulations my friend... and those words don't cover it..

This will make you PPC project all that more awesome and I couldn't be happier than that!

Fantastic stuff my friend, I am really REALLY pleased =)

12th January 2011, 01:19
That is some very nice work there indeed chap. Awesome! :D

12th January 2011, 02:07
Wow, I wish I had your patience - this would have been a "send away" job for me.

Oh, and wonderful work setup you have there - a true Amiga guru mod centre - my hat off to you sir.

12th January 2011, 02:19
Ok thats encouraged me to get a USB video Microscope from China now :lol:

12th January 2011, 08:02
Really nice and clean work! :thumbsup:
Microscope or magnifying glass + A LOT of patience are the best tools - I agree.

12th January 2011, 08:16
Real nice job. I trully enjoyed the closeups. Simply, outstanding!!! :thumbsup:

Kin Hell
12th January 2011, 09:01
Well done chap. :thumbsup:


12th January 2011, 09:10
very nice! kudos!

12th January 2011, 09:14
That is some serious level 3+ hackery and soldering skills there, Phipscube - very well done!!


12th January 2011, 10:20
sweet, sweet work my friend, almost as sweet as your dancing, but not quite;)

12th January 2011, 10:21
sweet, sweet work my friend, almost as sweet as your dancing, but not quite;)

Lol this will not be forgottern!!! :woot:


12th January 2011, 12:12
Cheers for the praise guys, I must say I didn't know if I could manage it. I certainly took my time and made sure each joint was good after i'd finished so when I took it home and fired up I was extatic! I am always very negative when i've done a job, like i'm SURE it will break this time, then I get all surprised.

Anyway glad the pr0n was enjoyed by all :)

HAHA! Yeah, i'll never live the dancing outburst down, no matter what I do, I can't better that :D Just wait until next R3play and i'll bust a few more drunken dance moves :D And as long as I have had at LEAST 4 pints i'll deffo do a little jig to some of DJ Echos Choonz in the R3play hall.... and then hide somewhere HAHA!

12th January 2011, 12:14
Hey Mate,

I'm sure you will, but I just fitted a little VGA Heatsink/Fan to the Permedia chip.

Before after a session it was too hot to touch, but with this little Fan even after a Quake 2 session its cool to touch, amazing.

And this was with the Floppy in place and Desktop Case closed :)

Have fun with that little fella!


12th January 2011, 12:32
That is superb soldering work, well done!

12th January 2011, 12:46

12th January 2011, 12:59
Hiya Steve

Aye mate, I have a very nice heat sink to put on the Permedia chip and the one across from the VGA connector. I also have a set of DDR RAM sinks but I realise I wont be able to fit them as the clockport expander is in the way :( Those RAM chips also get a little bit hot too, I'm hoping that the way i've positioned the three case fans will be enough to keep it all cool. Thermal tests will follow the hardware setup. I want to determine if I can actually be cheeky enough to reduce the fan speeds as they are a tad noisy. Of course only if I get cool enough temp will I attempt to slow them down. Noise is a small price to pay for such a beast! :)

Hey Mate,

I'm sure you will, but I just fitted a little VGA Heatsink/Fan to the Permedia chip.

Before after a session it was too hot to touch, but with this little Fan even after a Quake 2 session its cool to touch, amazing.

And this was with the Floppy in place and Desktop Case closed :)

Have fun with that little fella!


12th January 2011, 13:24
Yep, thats when you know mines got some grunt under the hood when the fan kicks in! Before that you just think its a normal A1200!

The Chipset Fan I got is pretty much silent, so thats nice and I'll prob's get some VGA heatsinks on the Ram chips and the Chip in the bottom right of the card.

My BPPC fan is pretty loud tho, Stachu is sending me a brand new fan to replace it with so hopefully soon I shall have a pretty quiet setup.

Seeing your project burst back into life makes me want to get USB in there though!


12th January 2011, 14:02
Congratulations on such a wonderful repair Phipscube :thumbsup:

That was bloody fantastic M8, I enjoyed reading this thread from the link to it at EAB, the pictures of the stages and problems with broken tracks and how you sorted them out are a great reference for anyone who needs to fix a broken track or something as advanced as replacing that sort of surface mounted socket. I particularly like the way you removed the connector, that was something that I can maybe try out on next time I want to salvage an SMT connector :thumbsup:

12th January 2011, 20:18
Phipscube I was reading this by chance, and after some photos and so, I go to see who is the man... :lol:... It had to be you.
Great job!

12th January 2011, 20:32
great job mate with your resurection and soldering

13th January 2011, 08:15
welcome back my friend :-)

awesome work you've done.
I take it your fingers has been itching to get this done in the last 4 months.

when you have the tools, everything is easy :-P

the usb microscopes from China doesn't display silver colours properly, and colours are pixelated.. but what do you expect for $1 + PP ? :-)

13th January 2011, 19:52
wow another cool Fix :thumbsup:

13th January 2011, 21:53
Hey Les - really enjoyed reading through that there and great pics too. What an awesome job mate!

J :thumbsup:

13th January 2011, 22:25
Thanks Guys! :)

Steve, aye the subway is awesome! :)

Allen1, I tend to use that brutal Heatgun method on old laptop boards. I have a little box full of smd connectors, ide, vga, etc just for whatever, and they fall off in great shape too.

Retrofan, i'm glad you got your clockport fixed too mate! that was quite a hairy solder job too, great work!

Tomse! Your dead right mate! I had 4 months worth of GNNNNNN in me bursting to fix that BV! :D I was determined! I'll be in touch through PM mate, we need to meet up and mess around with some Amiga HAKZ000RZ! :)